Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Cyclone Debbie

For the last few days we have been keeping an eye on the brewing cyclone out in the coral sea.  We were told to buy water and other basics to be somewhat prepared in case it headed our way. Simon and I headed to our local supermarket on Friday night while the kids were at Youth Group. It was amazing to walk through some of the aisles and see empty shelves.  If you wanted bread then you would have been disappointed as there wasn't any and bottle water was definitely in demand.

The cyclone ended up tracking south of us and so we have escaped the effects of the storm.  Unfortunately those a bit further south are really suffering now that the storm has reached land.  I am sure you will have seen the news reports as news comes in from the different areas.

Thanks for all those who were checking in on us.  We are all fine although we are slowly dissolving into puddles with the intense heat and humidity.  I am beginning to wonder what it feels like to be dry. It was almost 40 degrees in our house today and outside in the sun it felt hotter and then add in some significant humidity and you have quite the experience.  However, I would take that over a cyclone any day.


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