Wednesday, 24 August 2016

The Wunderli's are on the move

You might be thinking as you read the title of this post that that is nothing new for the Wunderli's especially with Simon's job.  He is regularly in EDRC or South Sudan during the week with occasional trips to other parts of Africa.  Even for Joshua, Zara and I this year we managed to travel through Turkey, Scotland and Qatar all in the space of three weeks and then not forgetting a 10 day trip to Zanzibar.

However, this move is more permanent.  God willing in November of this year we will be moving to Australia.  We have been making plans for this for a few months now but nothing was confirmed.  In some ways it still isn't as we wait on paperwork to be processed.  However, time is marching on and we felt it better to let you know our plans before November rolls around.

We will continue working with MAF but in Australia rather than Uganda.  Simon will take on the role of a Standardisation Flight Instructor at the MAF Training Centre in Mareeba (50 mins west of Cairns).  This will be a big change for him considering what he has been doing in the MAF Uganda programme for the last 14+ years.  However, we believe it is the right move for us as a family especially for Joshua and Zara as we look to the future for them.

I made a quick trip home to Scotland in the summer to tell family, friends and our home church of our upcoming plans to move to Australia.  Thankfully, everyone was very supportive although a few had hoped that the changes meant heading closer to home rather than further away. (ha ha)

We would value your prayers as we transition out of Uganda and into Australia.  It won't be easy to say goodbye to friends here in Uganda whom we have served alongside for many years but thankful for modern technology that can keep us connected.  Please pray for all the hoops that still need to be jumped through before we head down under.  Pray for patience during this time as we navigate the laws and rules of Australia in order to live and work in this country.  We have much to learn but thankful that we have friends that have already helped us greatly to figure things out.

As we know more I will keep you updated.  Thankful for your prayers in this new season.

For those who have no idea where Cairns is then see the map below.

MAF's flight school is located in Mareeba which is situated to the South West of Cairns.  It is an approximate 50 minute commute from Cairns.


MAF Training Centre

MAF Hangar in Mareeba

(Photos courtesy of MAF Australia)