Friday, 10 June 2016

"FRM and MAG" working together to help some people in South Sudan

Last week Simon flew a plane load of medicines up to Yida which is in the far north of South Sudan. A MAF South Sudan flight also joined him full of medicines.  There is still a lot of unrest in this area with frequent bombings.  FRM (Far Reaching Ministries) work in this area and supplied all the medicines.  Below are some photos taken of the unloading of the planes with the much prized cargo.

MAF South Sudan flight en route to Yida.

Cargo being unloaded from both planes to be taken to where it is needed most.  There have been articles in the news recently of hospitals in South Sudan really struggling to find what they need for all the patients that regularly arrive at their door.  Please pray for this country and for the many needs that there are.

So good to see MAF South Sudan and MAF Uganda working so closely together. :)

Monday, 6 June 2016

Mr Fix it

On a recent flight to Gulu, Northern Uganda, Simon noticed an oil leak coming from the strut on the nose wheel.  After consulting the Chief Engineer on his opinion it was recommended that a piece of rubber tied tightly around the strut would suffice to get him back to base at Kajjansi.  Thankfully, when Simon asked around at the airstrip if there were any strips of rubber available there were.  Below you can see the black rubber strip just above the nose wheel.  Thankful for a practical husband and Chief Engineer that think outside the box.  The plan worked and the plane made it safely back to Kajjansi with no damage done.