Monday, 30 May 2016

An update

This past two weeks has been busy for us.  I have been doing a course called Living Wisdom.  You can check it out at  It was an intense two weeks and not much got done aside from it.  There was also homework in the evenings as well as time to process the lectures of the day.  My head is still a bit dizzy.

Simon left last Thursday for a trip to South Africa.  He flew the Chadian caravan down to be repainted.  He left Thursday and overnighted in Zambia.  He thought he might need to make a stop in Congo for refueling but thanks to a good tail wind it was not necessary.  From Ndola, Zambia he flew onto Lanseria, South Africa.  He just made it in time before the hangar closed. I guess they shut up shop earlier on a Friday.  He flew back via Rwanda yesterday and made it home safely last night.  Zara was so excited to see him.  You would have thought he had been gone for months. (haha)

Joshua and Zara have three weeks of school left and they are ready for the summer holidays.  The countdown is on.  Pray they have a good attitude to school during the last three weeks.  It is difficult for them to feel motivated now that exams are complete.  Oh talking of exams.  They did well in them so we are thankful for that.

Please pray for Simon and the other pilots.  We are down a few pilots over the summer due to furloughs.  We have one pilot leaving the programme to return to the States with his family this month which also leaves a gap in our Operations Department.  It is going to be a busy time for those remaining.  Pray for endurance and stamina for the MAF team during this time.

Simon doing a test flight on the Chad caravan before he flew it to South Africa.  The caravan had a lot of work done on it the last few weeks including an avionics upgrade. 

The MAF engineering team who made all the upgrades possible.  Well done!!!

The plane getting ready for take off at Kajjansi

"Daddy" Pilot off on his adventures again

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

"Scottie" in South Sudan

One of our MAF Pilots, Dave Forney, took this amazing photo of "Scottie" our Cessna 208.  The flight was for an organisation called Every Village that works in remote areas of South Sudan.
Enjoy the different facial expressions of the children. :)

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Change is as good as a holiday

There is a phrase that goes something like "change is as good as a holiday".  Well there has been a bit of a change around here in the last few weeks.  Ha but not all of it has been a holiday :)

 For about 14 plus years I have been involved in the same Bible study group ever since moving to Uganda.  It has changed over the years both in style, people and locations however it has kept going.  A number of years ago I was asked if I would take it over and teach.  It has been a great privilege to do that and I have learned so much through the process.  One Bible teacher, Chuck Missler, said "if you want to know your Bible teach a Bible Study".  How right he was.  I have enjoyed the study time just as much as I have enjoyed the teaching part.

However, around Easter time I shared with the leadership team that I would be stepping down from this role and my involvement in Bible study.  It wasn't an easy step to take as it has been a passion of mine for so long, however, it was time to pass the mantle on and watch God move it forward with someone else at the helm.  This has happened and I am glad that God has provided the right people to do that.

My last teaching was on 13th April as I introduced the new study in Jonah.  Jonah also had his life interrupted.  He had a plan and God had another one for him.  He thought he would be ministering to the Jews but instead he was to minister to the Gentiles.  We can read what happens to his journey in the book of Jonah.

On the 20th April I went in for surgery for my shoulder and have now been grounded for a while.  God knew what He was doing and knew I needed some time out.  Life looks a bit different now but it’s good.  I still love to study so I am focusing on keeping my Bible Study blog going ( which has been difficult to keep up with at times. 

I will also be able to do a counselling course called Living Wisdom for two weeks in the middle of May.  Those running it will be coming in from Australia to do it and so I am excited about what will be learned there.  You can check it out at

So what God has next we shall see.  At the moment I am learning to enjoy a different pace of life out of the fast lane.

Monday, 2 May 2016


Joshua and Zara were recently in a school performance called Oliver.  Below are a couple of photos of them in action.  Not sure who they take their performing skill from? :)

Acacia Photo
Can you spot Joshua?

Acacia Photo
Can you find Zara?