Thursday, 17 March 2016

Chad from the air

Ndjamena Airport, Chad

MAF Hangar at Ndjamena, Chad

Flying over Cameroon with Chad on the other side of the river

The landscape is distinctly different from Uganda

Picking up a tour group from the Northeastern part of Chad after spending some time in the desert.

Can you spot the airstrip?

Anyone up for buying real estate?  There is plenty of space!

Simon spent a week in Chad helping out the MAF Programme there and also bringing back their caravan for maintenance which will take up to 10 weeks.  It was good for him to see how another MAF Programme operates and the needs that are there.  Thank you for praying for him and for us whilst he was gone. 

Monday, 14 March 2016

Off to Chad and other things

Simon left last Thursday with one of our MAF Uganda planes to go to Chad.  He flew part of the way Thursday and flew remainder on Friday.  The MAF plane in Chad needs some maintenance on it and an avionics upgrade which will be done in Uganda.  Whilst their plane is out of commission our MAF Uganda plane will help with the flying that needs done.  Simon was excited to be going on this trip as he hasn't been in Chad before.  Another new adventure to add to the list of things.  Please pray for him particularly in getting enough sleep.  The room he is in is supposed to have air conditioning but its not working which makes sleeping very difficult.  Pray another solution is found.

On the 5th March our friend Judith Finkbeiner opened Tumaini (means hope in Swahili) Counselling Centre in Kampala.  I have known Judith for many years now and this is a great resource for Kampala and much needed.  Many people came to the opening and supported Judith in this new opportunity. She opens for clients today and is already full for the next two weeks.  Pray God gives her wisdom in talking with people through their difficulties.

MMCT (Mobile Member Care Team) debriefers have also been busy lately with various debriefs going on. Pray also for wisdom as we listen to people as they tell us their stories and challenges that we might be able to guide them and give them the right tools to move forward in a good way.

On Friday Joshua and Zara had their sports day at school.  They had a great day and enjoyed the various races that they participated in.  It was another hot day so we were thankful it was only a half day.  This seems to be a season of special events at school as today is twin day.  This means that they and a friend dress alike for the day.  They were happy as this meant they didn't have to wear their uniform.

I hope to add some photographs to the blog soon especially once Simon returns from Chad sometime this week.  Thanks for all your prayers.