Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Extended Rainy Season

It has been predicted that Uganda will have a long rainy season.  Already we are noticing the effects of it as pot holes are increasing in roads that used to be fairly good.  Below is a photo that our Communications Officer shared with us of a road in Northern Uganda.  This road leads to a major hospital in the area.  Thanks to MAF's regular blood delivery they are able to have units of blood available for their patients.  MAF also helps with any emergencies if roads are bad and a patient needs to get to Kampala.  A good reminder of why MAF does what it does.

*sorry for the quality of the photo but you get the idea

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

An update

Furlough 2015/16

Some of you will know already that we are heading to Scotland for Christmas this year.  This will only be our second Christmas at "home" in 14 years so it is going to be very different for us all.  J and Z are excited about this furlough and are praying that they see snow. So if you don't like snow and Scotland gets dumped on then you can blame J and Z (ha ha)

This is not a holiday as such but our furlough that we would have normally taken next summer.  We will be speaking at Wester Hailes Baptist Church on Sunday 13th December.  More details to follow once we have them.  We will also be speaking at another Church, but again we are awaiting confirmation of this engagement.

We have been asked by MAF Switzerland to increase the level of our support so we have been busy doing that remotely from Uganda but will also be good to touch base with potential supporters face to face.

We are looking forward to catching up with family, friends and supporters whilst we are home and give an account of what we have been up to in the last year or so.  It is never a dull moment in Uganda.

Joshua and Zara

Joshua is currently on the football team of Acacia International school.  Today he has a game against one of the other International schools.  It has been fun to watch the team Acacia play and cheer them on.  Thankfully he is not embarrassed when his Mum is cheering him or his Auntie Sharon when she and Uncle Gordon came to visit last week.

Zara is busy with school also and enjoys doing gymnastics.  She goes to a Middle School Bible study for girls on a Saturday morning about once a month.  The girls have a lot of fun together as well as cover a topic in the Bible.  My wee Princess is growing up way too fast.


Simon keeps out of mischief with all that he has going on.  The past two weeks he has had overnights in South Sudan.  We are in the midst of rainy season and so that is always a challenge for the pilots. Pray for wisdom for them that they use good judgement calls when it comes to dealing with the challenging weather.

This past month his back has been doing really well so we give thanks and praise to God for that.  It is good to see him stand straighter and not be in pain.  Thank you for your prayers.

He is also busy with his office job as Safety Manager.  This involves all aspects of safety in the programme so very diverse in what he needs to deal with.

We are still having challenges with our internet/email service in our new office which affects us also.  Pray that the problems can be rectified soon as it can be very frustrating at times for many people who rely on good connections to get their jobs done.


Give thanks that Bible Study is going well.  We are now doing a study on Community.  We are looking at it from different angles, the personal, family, friends, work/ministry and then we will end with a session on forgiveness and reconciliation.  So far people are enjoying it and getting a lot out of it.  Our leadership team has changed a bit with two new people added.  They will also join me in taking their turn in teaching.  Always good to have a different perspective.

My Member Care role has kept me busy lately.  There have been a few people needing debriefs for certain situations they are going through.  Thankfully MMCT (Mobile Member Care Team) are now based in Uganda and so can help with such debriefs.  Pray that the right help can be given to those that need it.

On the 19th November Member Care Kampala will be doing a Parenting Workshop.  A friend and I are organising it and it will take the form of a panel of parents in which questions will be put to them regarding parenting.  We have 5 on the panel including Simon.  Pray that the people that would benefit from such a workshop would make the time to come.

This coming Friday night we have a MAF National/International ladies event.  Due to our MAF office having moved to Kajjansi, where MAF's Airfield and hangar are located, it is not so easy for people to get together.  Along with a couple of friends we have organised some fellowship time so that we can stay connected.

On Thursday morning I will be speaking at Acacia's visitor chapel on the Holy Spirit.  Pray for each of the students that they will have a greater understanding of the Holy Spirits role in our lives.

I have had some issues with a shoulder injury this past year.  Last week I was sent for an MRI.  The results should come through this week and then we will see what needs doing.  Just praying it is nothing too serious and that I can get back into sports again.

We would value your prayers as we work towards a Christmas furlough and all that needs to be done before we fly out.  Looking forward to seeing as many people as we can.  Thank you for your continued interest in our lives here in Uganda.