Thursday, 27 August 2015

Back to School

Tuesday was the first day back at school for Joshua and Zara.  It was a particularly big day for Zara as she moved into Grade 5 and moved up to the Senior school where Joshua is.  When they got back from school on Tuesday afternoon both of them said it was AWESOME.  Not sure I had a day at school where I said it was AWESOME :)  The school has had more classrooms added and other additional things.  Looking forward to having a tour tomorrow.

Joshua and Zara at 7am and ready for school.  Well shoes still need to go on but that is definitely the last thing to happen.  

Friday, 14 August 2015

What's been happening?

The month of July saw us on furlough in Switzerland.  We got some much needed rest and enjoyed time with family, friends and supporters whilst there.  We are grateful for all those who continue to be interested in what we do with MAF in Uganda after all these years (13+).  Thanks for your commitment to us in various ways.  We don't take it for granted.

Alongside meeting up with people we enjoyed some other fun things.  We walked in the mountains, swam in the lake, rode scooters down the mountain and treated to a glider flight which gave a different view of Switzerland.  It is definitely a beautiful country and all those postcard pictures you see are real :)

We also met up with MAF Switzerland during our time there.  Some things have changed for us in this regard.  For the past 13+ years we have been with MAF Switzerland but really only in name as SMG was our sending agency to MAF International.  This has all changed in the last few months and we are now officially MAF Switzerland missionaries.  This is a good step forward and although SMG will continue to manage our finances for MAF Switzerland they won't be our sending agency.

Another change that has happened is that we have had to change from SALT medical insurance to a medical insurance in Switzerland called Pro Life.  Technically SALT was for MAF UK missionaries but MAF Switzerland missionaries had been included.  Another reason we had to make the change was that SALT would no longer cover any future claims relating to Simon's back.  We pray that we have no more problems with it but this is not a guarantee.  Thankfully, this insurer doesn't exclude previous health issues so this is good news for Simon.

We arrived back in Uganda about 10 days ago and we have hit the ground running.  Simon is busy with the MAF office move to Kajjansi.  As I write he is at the airfield constructing a dolly for the MAF safe to go on so it can be moved without anyone hurting themselves as it is about 250kg.  There is still a lot of work to be done to be ready for the move next Friday so pray that it all comes together and that there will be no hitches.  As much as we will be sad for the office to move to Kajj they will be moving to a great facility.  It will just be a bit of a change not having the office directly across from our house.

Some of you might be wondering about the Ministry Centre that I mentioned in a previous post. Unfortunately, there was a problem with emails and so my contact person never received our project proposal or subsequent emails.  However, we managed to work round that and our project proposal has been accepted.  We are excited about what this means and the ministries that can happen in this place.  Please pray for wisdom as we look at what we have time for and how we manage all the groups that want to be apart of it.  It feels a bit like a gigantic puzzle piece at the moment.  Pray all the pieces go in the right place.

Joshua and Zara had a great time on furlough and enjoyed some really great opportunities.  Since returning to Uganda they have been catching up with friends and having sleepovers.  Hopefully they will be ready to return to school in just over a weeks time.

Below are some random photos of our time in Switzerland.....

Simon's sister, Monika, is a teacher in a primary school.  We went to visit one day and shared with her class what we do in Uganda with MAF.  The children asked some great questions after the presentation.  Who knows what seeds might have been planted :)

One of the times we walked up into the mountains.  The weather was fantastic whilst we were in Switzerland although on some days just a bit too hot.  Walking in 35c+ is not always easy.

Time for a break and a much needed drink of water

A couple of our trips into the mountains we met up with some of Simon's family.  This included his Mum's brother and wife and then also his cousin.  A great way to catch up with family.  

Three generations

It wouldn't be complete without a photo of the mountains.  WOW!