Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Update on Simon

Last Thursday Simon had an appointment with a spine specialist here in Switzerland.  Thankfully, this doctor confirmed there is no need for a further operation for Simon.  His recommendation is the same as the Italian doctor in Uganda that it will heal but it seems it is just taking longer than expected.  There is some scar tisse and a narrowing of the space between the two vertebrae where the nerve bundle is which is causing the problem. This should sort itself out in time.

Yesterday we went walking in the mountains with some of Simon's family.  He did well all the way up and has had no adverse side effects today so that is great news considering two months ago he could hardly walk.  Thank you for your prayers and concern for him.  We are grateful for answered prayer.

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Home Assignment - Swiss Style

As I write this post I am surrounded by suitcases, passports and a to-do list that is slowly being checked off.  In a few short hours we are heading off to Switzerland for home assignment.  It has been a hectic last few weeks especially for Simon as he hands over his responsibilities to others whilst he is gone.  We are looking forward to a change of pace, hopefully :) and be able to catch up with family and friends that we haven't seen in two years.

 The furlough will definitely be different this time around with Simon's Mum no longer around.  However, we look forward to spending time with Simon's Dad and other family members.

 Next Thursday Simon has an appointment with a spine specialist in Switzerland.  The Italian doctor here in Uganda recommended he get a second opinion.  Please pray with us regarding this and that God will give this doctor wisdom and insight into what needs done, if anything, to improve the situation with Simon's back.  We are thankful, however, that Simon can do most things again although he needs to be careful.  He has been back flying for about three weeks and is loving being back in his "office" in the sky. We look forward to many more "office" days for him in the future.

 I hope to give an update whilst we are in Switzerland to let you know how it is all going.  Thank you for your continued prayers for us as a family

The Well Ministry Centre

In recent months an idea has been developing in my mind for a Ministry Centre to be established close to our home.  This would be a place where we could offer more Bible studies, Youth Group activities, Debriefs/Counselling, Coaching, Mentoring, Training Courses and Workshops.   Simon  has been helping me brainstorm as to what it would look like and at least put out initial feelers to see what happens.  A couple of us have looked at various places but none have really been suitable except one.   We even looked at renovating a bar but it would have been quicker to knock the place down and start again :)  We had a meeting last week with the manager of one facility.  He was enthusiastic about it and has asked us to send in a proposal.  The initial proposal has been put together and has now been sent.  Please pray for a favourable response and that God would help us work out all the details in a good way and that it would be a win win situation for both sides.

I will keep you updated as to how this all turns out.  If you think of it please pray for this idea that God would give us wisdom and direction as to how to proceed forward.  We would love to see this place be an encouragement and blessing to many.