Saturday, 21 February 2015

January/February Update

Electricity and Water challenges

These passed two months have been "fix it" months.  We had some problems with our electricity which Simon was able to sort after a frustrating time of things being repaired and then not working again.  We moved from electricity problems to water issues.  It was time to invest in additional water tanks.  You can see the photos below. 

Old faithful needed some TLC

One of the new families that arrived last year had their container eventually arrive in Kampala.  They were kind enough to allow us to put four new car tyres in their shipment and a new BBQ.  The tyres were half the price of what we would pay in Kampala :)  You can see that our old tyres had reached their limits. (see photo below) The rims on the car also had to be replaced as well as a couple of other things when it went in for its service.  Now it feels like driving a brand new car.  Well almost....ha ha.

Welcome to the building site with Fore(wo)man Zara

Zara was helping Simon and one of our friends Daniel on a project.   She loves to be creative and to be outside so this was right up her street.  Maybe one day her and Simon will build a house together.  Can anybody guess what it is going to be?

Ladies Retreat

Next weekend is Ladies Retreat.  The theme is Living Under God's Umbrella -  Psalm 91.  We had 40 places available but were able to stretch it to 44.  We are now at our limit with a few holding out for a cancellation.  Please be in prayer for this time away that we would have lots of fun and fellowship with each other and also be challenged and encouraged through worship and the Word.

Magic Movers

Simon and the team are still busy with making plans for our move to our new office in Kajjansi.  There are still lots of things to consider and sort out.  Pray that the team will continue to work well and cover all the bases that need covering.

Journey Through Judges

Two weeks ago, in Bible study, we started a new series in the Book of Judges.  Two of the  Bible studies are in Judges and the other one is finishing off James.  Wow, both "J" books have and are a challenge.  If you want to join in then go to

A new challenge

This past week I started a new chapter.  Some months ago I was asked by the Pastor at Freedom Church if I would consider helping out with tutoring at their new Freedom Academy -  Church Leadership School.  This all began last Thursday and Friday.  They are great group of young people who are passionate about church planting and serving in the local church. The classes are on Thursday and Fridays with a mixture of teaching, group discussion, group tutoring sessions and individual tutoring.  We have already had some lively discussions and so we will be kept on our toes.  Please pray for Freedom Academy if it comes to mind....lots of potential ahead.  You can check out the website at

This tyres days are over

A fun project....any guesses what they are building?

Our new water tanks.  They are called Smile....I was sure smiling after Simon installed more moments in the shower when the water runs out and you are all soaped up.....:)