Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Quick Update

As many of you know we will be heading back to Scotland this coming Thursday and arriving on Friday in Edinburgh.  We have a few meetings scheduled for when we are home.  If you would like to hear what we are up to in Uganda with MAF then you can come listen to us speak at Wester Hailes Baptist Church on Sunday 13th December at 4pm.  We will also be speaking at Cumnock Baptist Church in their evening service on the 3rd January.

We will be meeting with the MAF Reps at the MAF Scotland office on Thursday 17th December starting at 7pm in Glasgow.  We are looking forward to sharing with them what is happening "on the ground" in Uganda.

Our time in Scotland is limited but if you would like to connect with us whilst in Scotland and the above church events are not convenient then please contact us at pam.wunderli@maf-uganda.org and we will see what we can do.

Looking forward to seeing as many of you as we can whilst in Bonnie Scotland.

Quick Shoulder Update

A couple of weeks ago I was diagnosed as having tendonitus in my left shoulder.  I was given an injection into the tendon and told to wait a couple of weeks to see if there is any improvement.  That two weeks will be extended until we return from furlough.  I am hoping and praying that I will see an improvement over the next weeks and that no further treatment will be necessary.  Would value your prayers on this one.  Thanks!

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Extended Rainy Season

It has been predicted that Uganda will have a long rainy season.  Already we are noticing the effects of it as pot holes are increasing in roads that used to be fairly good.  Below is a photo that our Communications Officer shared with us of a road in Northern Uganda.  This road leads to a major hospital in the area.  Thanks to MAF's regular blood delivery they are able to have units of blood available for their patients.  MAF also helps with any emergencies if roads are bad and a patient needs to get to Kampala.  A good reminder of why MAF does what it does.

*sorry for the quality of the photo but you get the idea

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

An update

Furlough 2015/16

Some of you will know already that we are heading to Scotland for Christmas this year.  This will only be our second Christmas at "home" in 14 years so it is going to be very different for us all.  J and Z are excited about this furlough and are praying that they see snow. So if you don't like snow and Scotland gets dumped on then you can blame J and Z (ha ha)

This is not a holiday as such but our furlough that we would have normally taken next summer.  We will be speaking at Wester Hailes Baptist Church on Sunday 13th December.  More details to follow once we have them.  We will also be speaking at another Church, but again we are awaiting confirmation of this engagement.

We have been asked by MAF Switzerland to increase the level of our support so we have been busy doing that remotely from Uganda but will also be good to touch base with potential supporters face to face.

We are looking forward to catching up with family, friends and supporters whilst we are home and give an account of what we have been up to in the last year or so.  It is never a dull moment in Uganda.

Joshua and Zara

Joshua is currently on the football team of Acacia International school.  Today he has a game against one of the other International schools.  It has been fun to watch the team Acacia play and cheer them on.  Thankfully he is not embarrassed when his Mum is cheering him or his Auntie Sharon when she and Uncle Gordon came to visit last week.

Zara is busy with school also and enjoys doing gymnastics.  She goes to a Middle School Bible study for girls on a Saturday morning about once a month.  The girls have a lot of fun together as well as cover a topic in the Bible.  My wee Princess is growing up way too fast.


Simon keeps out of mischief with all that he has going on.  The past two weeks he has had overnights in South Sudan.  We are in the midst of rainy season and so that is always a challenge for the pilots. Pray for wisdom for them that they use good judgement calls when it comes to dealing with the challenging weather.

This past month his back has been doing really well so we give thanks and praise to God for that.  It is good to see him stand straighter and not be in pain.  Thank you for your prayers.

He is also busy with his office job as Safety Manager.  This involves all aspects of safety in the programme so very diverse in what he needs to deal with.

We are still having challenges with our internet/email service in our new office which affects us also.  Pray that the problems can be rectified soon as it can be very frustrating at times for many people who rely on good connections to get their jobs done.


Give thanks that Bible Study is going well.  We are now doing a study on Community.  We are looking at it from different angles, the personal, family, friends, work/ministry and then we will end with a session on forgiveness and reconciliation.  So far people are enjoying it and getting a lot out of it.  Our leadership team has changed a bit with two new people added.  They will also join me in taking their turn in teaching.  Always good to have a different perspective.

My Member Care role has kept me busy lately.  There have been a few people needing debriefs for certain situations they are going through.  Thankfully MMCT (Mobile Member Care Team) are now based in Uganda and so can help with such debriefs.  Pray that the right help can be given to those that need it.

On the 19th November Member Care Kampala will be doing a Parenting Workshop.  A friend and I are organising it and it will take the form of a panel of parents in which questions will be put to them regarding parenting.  We have 5 on the panel including Simon.  Pray that the people that would benefit from such a workshop would make the time to come.

This coming Friday night we have a MAF National/International ladies event.  Due to our MAF office having moved to Kajjansi, where MAF's Airfield and hangar are located, it is not so easy for people to get together.  Along with a couple of friends we have organised some fellowship time so that we can stay connected.

On Thursday morning I will be speaking at Acacia's visitor chapel on the Holy Spirit.  Pray for each of the students that they will have a greater understanding of the Holy Spirits role in our lives.

I have had some issues with a shoulder injury this past year.  Last week I was sent for an MRI.  The results should come through this week and then we will see what needs doing.  Just praying it is nothing too serious and that I can get back into sports again.

We would value your prayers as we work towards a Christmas furlough and all that needs to be done before we fly out.  Looking forward to seeing as many people as we can.  Thank you for your continued interest in our lives here in Uganda.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Soccer/Football Tournament

While I was living it up at Ladies Retreat Simon was holding the fort at home with Joshua and Zara.  I don't go away that often but when I do the kids know that fun times lie ahead with Dad.  The rules get bent a bit when either Simon or I are gone and the kids like this alot.  It means staying up late with friends and being spoiled in one way or another.

During this weekend Joshua had a football tournament on.  The school that J and Z are at have joined ISSAK (International School Sports Association Kampala).  Joshua is on the school team and they practice on Tuesdays and Thursday from 3-5pm.  Unfortunately they lost this time around but Simon said it was very close and could have gone either way.  Seems like they had a great time and a lot of effort was put it.  Below are some photos of the team and Joshua.

Ladies Retreat

Some of you might be wondering how Ladies Retreat went.  Thank you first of all for praying.  We definitely needed it.  We had ladies not only from the Kampala area but also further afield in Uganda. It was fun to reconnect with ladies from the previous retreat that we had had in February and have some catch up time together.

We started out on Friday night with dinner together and then an ice breaker game that quickly showed the competitive people in the group.  We laughed a lot and made new friends which was the intent of an evening of fun.

Saturday morning started out with worship and me speaking on Mark 5:21-34 followed by some reflection time.  In the afternoon we had some free time.  Some ladies had organised a craft for those who were interested.   Others caught up on some sleep, went swimming or did pottery.  There was also a beauty salon on the site where people could get a variety of pamperings if desired.

In the late afternoon we had another session from a friend in the area of truth and what lies we can believe and how that can affect our lives.  She did a great job and it was thought provoking to say the least.

After supper we gathered around a campfire for a worship time and also enjoy an American tradition of s'mores.  This involves graham crackers, roasted marshmallows and chocolate made into a sandwich.  Got to love all the mix of cultures in the group and what everyone adds to an event such as this.

We also had two ladies share testimonies of faith over the weekend which were powerful.  Thankful for their faith to step up and do that.

On Sunday another friend shared on the Hall of Faith chapter in Hebrews 11.  She did a wonderful job going through this passage and showed that many of these men and women of faith did not receive the things promised in their lifetime but only welcomed them from a distance (Hebrews 11:13)

I wrapped up the last session by teaching from 2 Peter 1:5-9.  I think one of the amazing things of the weekend was how God brought together all our talks and unified them.  None of us knew in great detail what the other person was speaking on and yet it fitted all together like jigsaw pieces.  We serve an amazing God.

Thankful to all the ladies who worked hard on this retreat to make it work and to bring some fun, challenge and rest to many who needed it.  Thankful again for those of you who had our backs in prayer.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Quick Update

Life is flying by but have a few minutes now to update you on what we have been up to recently.....

Joshua and Zara

They have both started the new semester well.  Zara has adapted to the senior site and is having fun with her friends.  She starts gymnastics this week as an after school club.  I just hope she doesn't ask me to copy some of her moves. :)

Joshua has now moved up to grade 7.  He plays soccer/football twice a week from 3-5pm after school.  He comes home pretty tired and hungry but is enjoying his new coach and the time together with friends.

Homework is not the most fun thing for them to do and they get enough to keep them busy. However, the thoughts of detention for not doing it is a great motivator :)

On Friday's Joshua goes to a Youth Group.  There are two couples leading it who are MAF colleagues.  The kids have a lot of fun and keep their leaders challenged.  I am sure Simon and I put put a few grey hairs on our leaders as kids......no comments needed :)


Simon hasn't been flying a whole lot although did have a couple of flights that were a wee bit challenging.  One of them was a failed alternator which meant he had an overnight upcountry as they (engineer and Simon) ran out of hours to fly home the same day.  Thankfully it was all fixed and had no further problems.

Simon has been involved in helping to set up the new office out at Kajjansi.  This involves putting up signs, fire extinguishers and general handyman duties.  He enjoys those kinds of jobs and good to see the office taking shape and the dust settling a bit for all those who work in it each day.

He also had a bit of a relapse with his back about two weeks ago.  However, it seems to have stabilised again so we are thankful for that.  We continue to pray God does a healing work in him.

He has also started another woodwork project for a family so the woodshop is back open again after a few months of being "closed" due to his back and furlough.  He has such joy when he is in the woodshop or flying in his "office".   He has the perfect job :)


Bible studies are in full swing again.  We are going through Revelation with Beth Moore on Wednesday's and I am teaching through Mark on a Thursday morning.  You can follow the Mark study at our Bible Study blog www.comebythewell.blogspot.com

The Well Ministry Centre started on the 1 September.  On the 2 September we had our first "customers".  A ministry that is helping people who have been trafficked had their board meeting there.  They have other meetings lined up and possible training and so we hope they use the Ministry Centre for them.

We had our first Ladies Bible study there last week with 22 ladies in attendance.  It was fun to have more space and room to expand if the Lord leads it that way.

Each Friday night we have a Youth Group using the facility.  They study God's Word together, have some fun activities and also some riotous games.  Oh to be a youth again :)

In the next couple of months I am hoping to do a partnership with some national ladies in our office and offer a conference or workshop for local people involved in ministry in Uganda.  We hope to have a time to encourage them and to bless them.  Will keep you posted on this.

Along with that we have some others using it off and on for different things.  Simon and I are excited about what God will do through this place in the next year.  We would value your prayers for this venture.

Our Ladies Retreat is in two weeks time.  Pray for all those ladies who will be attending that they will have a time of refreshment and enjoy the time away.  We are excited about what God is going to do that weekend.  Pray for all the final organisational details to come together and that we don't forget anything as there is no Walmart or Tesco next door :)

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Back to School

Tuesday was the first day back at school for Joshua and Zara.  It was a particularly big day for Zara as she moved into Grade 5 and moved up to the Senior school where Joshua is.  When they got back from school on Tuesday afternoon both of them said it was AWESOME.  Not sure I had a day at school where I said it was AWESOME :)  The school has had more classrooms added and other additional things.  Looking forward to having a tour tomorrow.

Joshua and Zara at 7am and ready for school.  Well shoes still need to go on but that is definitely the last thing to happen.  

Friday, 14 August 2015

What's been happening?

The month of July saw us on furlough in Switzerland.  We got some much needed rest and enjoyed time with family, friends and supporters whilst there.  We are grateful for all those who continue to be interested in what we do with MAF in Uganda after all these years (13+).  Thanks for your commitment to us in various ways.  We don't take it for granted.

Alongside meeting up with people we enjoyed some other fun things.  We walked in the mountains, swam in the lake, rode scooters down the mountain and treated to a glider flight which gave a different view of Switzerland.  It is definitely a beautiful country and all those postcard pictures you see are real :)

We also met up with MAF Switzerland during our time there.  Some things have changed for us in this regard.  For the past 13+ years we have been with MAF Switzerland but really only in name as SMG was our sending agency to MAF International.  This has all changed in the last few months and we are now officially MAF Switzerland missionaries.  This is a good step forward and although SMG will continue to manage our finances for MAF Switzerland they won't be our sending agency.

Another change that has happened is that we have had to change from SALT medical insurance to a medical insurance in Switzerland called Pro Life.  Technically SALT was for MAF UK missionaries but MAF Switzerland missionaries had been included.  Another reason we had to make the change was that SALT would no longer cover any future claims relating to Simon's back.  We pray that we have no more problems with it but this is not a guarantee.  Thankfully, this insurer doesn't exclude previous health issues so this is good news for Simon.

We arrived back in Uganda about 10 days ago and we have hit the ground running.  Simon is busy with the MAF office move to Kajjansi.  As I write he is at the airfield constructing a dolly for the MAF safe to go on so it can be moved without anyone hurting themselves as it is about 250kg.  There is still a lot of work to be done to be ready for the move next Friday so pray that it all comes together and that there will be no hitches.  As much as we will be sad for the office to move to Kajj they will be moving to a great facility.  It will just be a bit of a change not having the office directly across from our house.

Some of you might be wondering about the Ministry Centre that I mentioned in a previous post. Unfortunately, there was a problem with emails and so my contact person never received our project proposal or subsequent emails.  However, we managed to work round that and our project proposal has been accepted.  We are excited about what this means and the ministries that can happen in this place.  Please pray for wisdom as we look at what we have time for and how we manage all the groups that want to be apart of it.  It feels a bit like a gigantic puzzle piece at the moment.  Pray all the pieces go in the right place.

Joshua and Zara had a great time on furlough and enjoyed some really great opportunities.  Since returning to Uganda they have been catching up with friends and having sleepovers.  Hopefully they will be ready to return to school in just over a weeks time.

Below are some random photos of our time in Switzerland.....

Simon's sister, Monika, is a teacher in a primary school.  We went to visit one day and shared with her class what we do in Uganda with MAF.  The children asked some great questions after the presentation.  Who knows what seeds might have been planted :)

One of the times we walked up into the mountains.  The weather was fantastic whilst we were in Switzerland although on some days just a bit too hot.  Walking in 35c+ is not always easy.

Time for a break and a much needed drink of water

A couple of our trips into the mountains we met up with some of Simon's family.  This included his Mum's brother and wife and then also his cousin.  A great way to catch up with family.  

Three generations

It wouldn't be complete without a photo of the mountains.  WOW!

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Update on Simon

Last Thursday Simon had an appointment with a spine specialist here in Switzerland.  Thankfully, this doctor confirmed there is no need for a further operation for Simon.  His recommendation is the same as the Italian doctor in Uganda that it will heal but it seems it is just taking longer than expected.  There is some scar tisse and a narrowing of the space between the two vertebrae where the nerve bundle is which is causing the problem. This should sort itself out in time.

Yesterday we went walking in the mountains with some of Simon's family.  He did well all the way up and has had no adverse side effects today so that is great news considering two months ago he could hardly walk.  Thank you for your prayers and concern for him.  We are grateful for answered prayer.

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Home Assignment - Swiss Style

As I write this post I am surrounded by suitcases, passports and a to-do list that is slowly being checked off.  In a few short hours we are heading off to Switzerland for home assignment.  It has been a hectic last few weeks especially for Simon as he hands over his responsibilities to others whilst he is gone.  We are looking forward to a change of pace, hopefully :) and be able to catch up with family and friends that we haven't seen in two years.

 The furlough will definitely be different this time around with Simon's Mum no longer around.  However, we look forward to spending time with Simon's Dad and other family members.

 Next Thursday Simon has an appointment with a spine specialist in Switzerland.  The Italian doctor here in Uganda recommended he get a second opinion.  Please pray with us regarding this and that God will give this doctor wisdom and insight into what needs done, if anything, to improve the situation with Simon's back.  We are thankful, however, that Simon can do most things again although he needs to be careful.  He has been back flying for about three weeks and is loving being back in his "office" in the sky. We look forward to many more "office" days for him in the future.

 I hope to give an update whilst we are in Switzerland to let you know how it is all going.  Thank you for your continued prayers for us as a family

The Well Ministry Centre

In recent months an idea has been developing in my mind for a Ministry Centre to be established close to our home.  This would be a place where we could offer more Bible studies, Youth Group activities, Debriefs/Counselling, Coaching, Mentoring, Training Courses and Workshops.   Simon  has been helping me brainstorm as to what it would look like and at least put out initial feelers to see what happens.  A couple of us have looked at various places but none have really been suitable except one.   We even looked at renovating a bar but it would have been quicker to knock the place down and start again :)  We had a meeting last week with the manager of one facility.  He was enthusiastic about it and has asked us to send in a proposal.  The initial proposal has been put together and has now been sent.  Please pray for a favourable response and that God would help us work out all the details in a good way and that it would be a win win situation for both sides.

I will keep you updated as to how this all turns out.  If you think of it please pray for this idea that God would give us wisdom and direction as to how to proceed forward.  We would love to see this place be an encouragement and blessing to many.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Wunderli Clinic

The month of May seemed to go by in a blur and our schedule changed quite a bit with Simon flat on his back.  However, thankfully 5 weeks on we are in a different place.  Thanks to all of you who have prayed for us and stood with us during the last few weeks.  Simon has gone from not really being able to walk to now thinking about flying again.  He is hoping to do a short flight tomorrow to see how it goes.  He will continue to do physio till we leave for Home Assignment at the beginning of July.  We are praying that he will be pain free soon and the not so easy days will become less and less.  However, we are VERY thankful for the progress he has made thus far.

In the midst of all of this Joshua fractured one of his fingers playing basketball.  Thankfully it wasnt the same finger that was broken at Christmas.  However, it seems to be improving and he has it strapped up going to school so it can be protected and given a chance to heal well. 

Our house has seemed like a clinic this past month with all the medication and bandages that are around, however, it seems like we are moving from clinic to rehab now so we are heading in the right direction. :)

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Update on Simon

It is time for an update on the "patient".  Simon is more comfortable than he was two weeks ago and can now walk for a bit and sit longer.  We are grateful for that.  He is still lying down most of the day but does get up for meals.  Tomorrow we are going to a German Physiotherapist to see if anything more can be done for Simon at this time.  It could be that he suggests continued rest and/or something else.  We look forward to hearing his opinion on the matter.  We give thanks that there has been improvement and we pray that it continues.  Thank you for lifting him and the rest of us up in prayer.  We appreciate it a lot.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Our Shakespearian Actor

Joshua was given the opportunity to be in Acacia's School production of Twelfth Night by William Shakespear.  He played the part of Sebastian.  He loved every moment of it and is looking foward to another opportunity to be in a production. 
I apologise for the quality of the photos.  However, you get the idea :)

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Simon Update

The news isn't very different from the previous post.  Simon saw another doctor on Monday night.  He happened to be staying with people we know.  The doctor is in country for a short time working at the hospital that Simon had an appointment at on Tuesday.  Simon and I were both wondering how we could get him to the hospital due to no position being comfortable and there being a lot of pain involved. 

Anyway God provided and the doctor made a house call on Monday night.  He has recommended that Simon "sit" it out as long as he can and that we don't pursue surgery unless it is really necessary.  The pain has been particularly difficult to bear for Simon so we were able to get some advice on a different pain med.  I was able to pick it up last night and Simon slept a bit better.

He is currently camped out on the bedroom floor as that is the only place he can get comfortable.  He is able to "duck" walk (Simon's words) to the bathroom but it is a painful waddle.  However, he does need to move around when he can.

We would value your continued prayers for him and for us as we go through these days.  Pray that we discern what needs to be done at the right time.  Pray that the pain would subside and he would be more comfortable especially at night.  Thanks for interceding for us. x

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Pray for Simon

On Friday we were celebrating Joshua's 12th birthday at a swimming pool in Entebbe.  Simon hurt his back whilst diving and after a trip to the doctor and a MRI scan we now know that he has another herniated disc.  He is quite incapacitated and can't walk more than a few steps at a time. Sitting, standing, kneeling and sleeping are all quite difficult and no position is comfortable for long.  We have contacted the insurance company to start the process of what needs to be done next.  We are awaiting the official MRI report tomorrow and he will also see a specialist on Tuesday morning. Pray for him as he manages the pain (thankfully he has a high pain threshold) and also as we walk through the next few days with decisions that need to be made.

Pray also for the rest of us as we care for him.  Joshua and Zara are doing well but its difficult for them to see their daddy in pain as it is for me.  We would value your prayers as we navigate this challenge.  We are especially thankful for the family of God in these days.  We will keep you updated when we know more. 

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Photos of Simon's trip with LWF (Lutheran World Federation)

A slight detour when the tarmac comes to end and there is tree in the way

The bridge linking Uganda with South Sudan

Collection centre at Nimule, South Sudan

Overnight rooms at collection centre

Registration block at collection centre

Refugees just arriving at the Collection Centre

Shelters for refugee at transit centre

Community shelter for refugees at Transit Centre

Kitchen at Transit Centre

Water point at Transit Centre

Aerial view of Nzumazi Transit Centre

Women receiving sanitary supplies at the distribution point

Some of the children at the centre

Meeting camp leaders at settlement camp

Any complaints then put them in the box on the wall :)

Settlement Camp

Supplemental planting in Settlement camp

Pigeon breeding programme to provide addition food.  Does a pigeon taste like chicken?

One of the Settlement homes.  Look at what is written on the wall?

Proud people doing life in the camp together.

Solar water pumping station

Time for school.  There are a total of 3,000 children in the settlement camps who fit into 11 classrooms and 17 teachers provide them with education.  How is that for a ratio?

Aerial view of settlement camp l

Aerial view of settlement camp 2


LWF seedling project

LWF Stockpiles of blankets on the left and food on the right