Friday, 28 November 2014

Where is "home"?

I read an interesting article on someone else's blog the other day.  It was entitled "Why missionaries can never go home again?"  A lot of what the writer said rang true for me as I read it.  What do you say when someone says to you where is home?  This is a question that has come up on many an occasion recently in our MAF Programme due to the influx of new International staff.  It has been almost 20 years since I left my passport country of Scotland and in those, soon to be, 20 years I have lived in 4 countries.  Almost half of my life has been lived out of my birth country so where is home?

I remember just this pass summer when I was "home" in Scotland.  I went into purchase a couple of items in a well know shop.  I needed some advice from the lady behind the counter.  The lady was more than happy to help me and shared her thoughts on what to buy.  However, the advice is only as good as you understand it.  I only got about 70% of what she said and the rest I filled in.  My ear had lost the knack of understanding someone from "home"

On occasion I have joked with someone and said that home is on the plane.  It is that period in between the two places you have lived.  Neither one is fully home but parts of them both make up home for us.

For those who know missionaries, support and pray for missionaries, who plan to visit a missionary, who want to encourage a missionary and understand them better then I encourge you to read this article. 

It will give you insight into what goes on in the head of a missionary.  Well, if you are brave enough to do that. :) 

Monday, 10 November 2014


In and around cities in the world you will always find the needy and the poor.  They live lives that most of us could not even begin to comprehend.  This is no different in Kampala.  There are certain roads in town whereby street kids are very evident.  They beg for money, food or for whatever people are willing to give.  The needs, at times, seem overwhelming and out of control.  Where do you start at helping these little ones who have had a rough start to life?

The church we go to here in Kampala took on a thriving ministry called Heroes.  Let me use their words to describe what they do.

"In Kampala, Uganda Freedom Heroes provides care, education and support to over 100 children and young people who are living on the streets. Some of these children are living in our home for boys, where they are loved and cared for."

"In Siem Reap, Cambodia our Freedom Heroes School runs five days a week for children who have no other way to gain an education and break free from poverty."

For more information of how to get involved with such a project please see check out the website at  There is a short video and many photos for you to get a better idea of what is going on.

Maybe some of you reading this would like to get involved in working with these boys.  One of our Pastors told us that they need volunteer teachers, social workers to help with their education and rehabilitation.  Would you consider doing a short term/long term mission trip to be part of this.  If you are not a teacher or a social worker but would still like to be involved then please let us know.  There is always work to be done.

You can contact us on or