Monday, 20 October 2014

Family photos

Simon surprised us last week by taking us away for a night to a place just outside of Kampala.  We went with another family who were also equally surprised.  It is amazing what happens when two Dad's put their heads together.  Here are some family photos for you to enjoy.

Joshua with his "I am tough" face

The joys of climbing the elephant

Life as an MK in Africa is spent mostly in the pool where possible

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Simon's different MAF hats

As many of you know our flights have been restricted and so this has had a negative impact on our organization and the people we serve.  We would still value your prayers for this situation to change soon.

However, Simon has not been bored.  Far from it.  For the last few weeks he has been working with our Avionics team in the hangar at Kajjansi.  They needed some work benches built and so Simon's skill with wood has come in handy for the team.  Below you will see evidence of his work.  I think the photos show how happy Mat Thomson, Avionics Engineer was about the completed work.

The work benches are now complete with only a few minor additions to be made which Simon will work on throughout this week.  The last few days, however, he has been tangled up in wires for the new avionics installation for "Scotty", the MAF Caravan that was funded by people in Scotland.


Spaghetti Junction