Friday, 20 June 2014

Proud of J and Z

This week we got a letter home from school with an invitation to the WOW Awards at J and Z`s school.  These happen once a year, I believe, where children are recognized in the areas of progression, achievement and creativity.

Zara was up for an award but we were not sure for what and either was she as it is a secret from them also.  Only I could go as Simon was flying but I am sure J and Z will fill Dad in on it all when he gets home.

So Zara was given the Wow Award for Creativity.  Her certificate read for "Fabulous creativity in all areas".  We are proud of this accomplishment and we will celebrate in some way.

Joshua announced to us last night that he had done well in a 500 words writing competition and would be reading part of his story out in front of the assembly this morning.  He was a bit nonchalant about it and it appeared to be no big deal.  However, at the assembly he was awarded a certificate for "..the best vocabulary and overall winner".  Who knew we had a writer in the family.  All the reading he does has certainly paid off.  Maybe I will delegate the blog writing to him now but first of all we need to celebrate.


Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Public holiday with a difference

Simon was flying yesterday and Joshua and Zara had a day off due to a Public Holiday.  They had the opportunity to go flying with Simon as there was space on the flight.  He are a couple of photos of them after they had just landed.  This was the first time they had flown in the brand new Caravan that arrived recently to work in Uganda.


Look who came to visit.......

Ian and Celia Roxburgh came to visit us from Scotland. Ian and Celia are from my home church, Wester Hailes Baptist Church, in Edinburgh.  We covered a lot on their visit here and had a lot of fun times together.  They have just a few photos to show you if you are interested :)

It was a great pleasure to show them our lives here in Uganda and they were a blessing to those that they came in contact with.  They even led the worship at three Bible studies along with another worship time for a group of Ugandans.  Amazing!!  We were very thankful for their visit and Joshua and Zare loved having an adopted Aunt and Uncle around :)

The ferry we used to cross the River Nile to go on safari.  Thankfully this time it didn't break down.

There are hippos under the water and you can see them pop their heads up at different times.  Thankfully they are used to the ferry going back and forward across the river.

We also did a boat safari.  Behind Joshua and Zara is Murchison Falls.   A great volume of water has to make its way through a very narrow space.  The white stuff on the surface of the water is the foam that is generated.

Zara enjoying the first glimpses of the falls.  Wow it was a hot day unlike the last time we did it when we were soaked through when a huge storm blew threw. 

Joshua, Zara and I on safari.  We were sitting on top of the car so we could get a good view of any animals in the distance.  Also we were look out for any lions.  Not long after this photo was taken we came across a lion.  He wasn't interested in us thankfully.  Too many other "snacks" around for the taking.



Tegras, our guide, with a very big gun was helping us find all the animals.  He did a great job of spotting two lions under a tree.  They had just killed a Ugandan Cob (deer like animal) and were resting.  They would finish their breakfast off once they had chilled out for a bit.

He also spotted a Leopard in the distance that we were able to watch through the binoculars.  It is amazing how much you can miss if you don't have an eye for it.





Thursday, 5 June 2014

Finally, the sewing machine

Some of you were involved in helping our nightguard's family purchase a new sewing machine after their last one was stolen.  Below is a picture of it.  It is difficult to give perspective but this sewing machine and the table its on takes up a quarter of their living space.  Ian and Celia Roxburgh from my home church in Edinburgh were visiting and so we were able to go down together to visit Moses and Robinah in their one roomed home.  They were overjoyed that we came to visit and to spend time with them.  It was fun to listen to their stories and hear their perspective on issues relating from politics to how much wives cost.  This is not done in monetary value but with cows and goats.  Moses has been married for a long time now but he still owes a least one cow and some goats to Robinah's family.

I wonder how many cows and goats I am worth?  :)

On a serious note thanks to all of you who made this possible.  There is a very happy family here in Kampala because of your contribution.  A big thank you from Moses and Robinah.