Sunday, 27 April 2014

Don't forget South Sudan

We received the following Report from our MAF Communications department and , with permission, thought I would pass it along as it is very informative of what is happening in South Sudan.  Thanks for your prayers.

Dear all

Many of you may have heard on the news (see BBC news - about the renewed fighting in South Sudan over the last couple of weeks including the attack on the UN compound in Bor. Our team in South Sudan provided emergency evacuations to several key partners over the Easter period, including Medair and IMA World Health.

On Good Friday (18th April), pilot Mike Dupuis flew to Renk to collect Medair aid agency’s workers at risk of being caught in the escalating violence. UN soldiers supervised the boarding of the aircraft and Mike had to contend with stormy weather conditions on both legs of the journey.

Rebekka Meissner, interim country director for Medair South Sudan, said: “I can recall many times when MAF has unflinchingly flown out a staff member who needed medical attention or even a whole team when we had concerns about their safety. I am so grateful for our partnership with MAF as we serve in these isolated places.  “I am often amazed at just how much difference MAF makes for Medair programmes when cargo is off-loaded at remote, hard to reach locations, be it boxes with therapeutic food for small children or spare parts for water installations. These and many other items help us bring lifesaving relief to very vulnerable people.”

The previous day, Mike’s colleague Ryan Unger was diverted to Bor to take staff from a Polish NGO back to Juba because of the troubles. As the passengers were boarding, he was approached by a doctor who asked if he could accommodate four of his patients suffering bullet wounds who desperately needed medical assistance available in the capital. They had been caught in a bloody attack near the UN compound and Ryan learned later through reports that another 60 people had been killed or injured in the same protest.

Ryan then flew to the Paloich oil strip on Tuesday this week to collect staff from IMA World Health, who had sheltered with the UN over the weekend, some of the time in armoured vehicles for safety.

Please continue to pray for the safety of our team in South Sudan and our partners who are working tirelessly to provide such important medical aid and humanitarian relief in such difficult and hostile conditions. Please also pray that the peace negotiations will resume shortly and be successful.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Time for a move....

Joshua and Zara have been attending Rainbow International School here in Kampala ever since they were ready for school.   However, for various reasons we feel it is time to move them on from there and put them in a Christian school that also offers a high quality education.  Acacia International School came on our radar after a "chance" meeting with a friend who is going to be the Principal of the High School.  This started the thought process and after some lengthy conversations and also a meeting with the school Principal Joshua and Zara will start there in August 2014.  Joshua will start Senior School and Zara will go into Grade 4 which would be Primary 6 in Scotland.  It is all a bit confusing.

The school is small by comparison to Rainbow which is definitely a benefit and the Christian side of things is also a huge motivator for the move.  The High School is still under construction but will be finished in time for the term in August.  The answer to prayer from our side is that Joshua and Zara are excited about the move and can`t wait to go.  If they had their way they would be starting tomorrow :)  This is a big change as in the past they would never have considered a move.  If you are interested you can check out the website at where you can see photos of the school.

We would value your prayers as we embark on this step of faith.  We pray that Joshua and Zara would transition well and make new friends.  We look forward to what God is going to do in them as they increase in their knowledge both academically and spiritually.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Sewing Machine

Our family has experienced having our home broken into and things stolen.  It is not a nice feeling and shakes any sense of security you might have felt in your home.  Thankfully we have had the opportunity, over time, to replace some of the things taken and put extra security measures in place.

This, however, is not the case for our nightguard, Moses.   We have known Moses for around 12 years and have visited his home on different occasions.  The family lives in one room and the family consists of 7 people.  Not too long ago his home was also broken into.  One of their prized possessions was a sewing machine.  This was given to them when Robinah (Moses' wife) completed seamstress school.  It was a gift from one of our friends and supporters.  This enabled Robinah to stay at home with her children but also to work and gain additional income for her family.

We asked Moses to price out some sewing machines as we would like to replace it with another one.  The cost of sewing machines range from £80 to £400 depending on complexity.  If you would like to be part of this project then please send us an email at and we will give you further information on how you can contribute.

Thank you for considering.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Ohilang, South Sudan

Simon had a "chance" meeting with a pilot from another organization on a stop he made in Northern Uganda.  Through some logistic somersaults it worked out for Simon to go and survey a potential site for a new airstrip in South Sudan because of this conversation.  This airstrip is available to use as the brush has been cleared.  This will serve missionaries and others in the community.   Below are some photos of this airstrip and Simon in conversation with some of the people involved.  Who says life is boring? :)  Not us!

And where is the airstrip exactly?  It is there and an access road.  What more do you need?

"Scotty" making the first stop


Simon in conversation and talking it all through with those concerned.  Who needs an office when there is shade under the wing of a plane.



Simon with Brian De Schmidt from AIM (Africa Inland Mission) and some Sudanese men who were involved in clearing the airstrip.