Monday, 20 January 2014

In loving memory of Bethli Wunderli

At Bethli's funeral there was a slideshow of photos that his sister, Monika, put together in her Memory.  I thought I would share some of them on the blog especially for those who could not be there. I have also included some of our own.

We are thankful for the many who could attend the funeral and share stories with the family of how Bethli impacted their lives or how they got to know her.  We are thankful for all the cards that were sent, emails that were written and sms's that came our way and to the rest of the family.

Bethli with her parents and siblings.  She is the one standing next to her Mother.

Their wedding day - Fritz and Bethli Wunderli
Monika, Therese and Simon in PNG
The Wunderli Family along with Bible Translators in PNG

Bethli in her Profession as a Nurse

Grosi showing Zara some gardening skills
Lots of fun and laughter with the grandchildren

Grosi and Joshua walking along the airstrip at Kajjansi Airfield, Uganda

 Born - November 29th 1939 
Present with the Lord - 4th January 2014
Psalm 103:4

Thursday, 9 January 2014


We are thankful to all of you who have sent us messages in this past week since Simon's Mum went to be with the Lord.  It would have been great to have been able to write back to you all individually but that would be quite the task :)  So accept our sincere thanks from our blog.  We appreciate the memories and stories you have shared of your time with Simon's Mum whether that be recently or in years past.  Amazing to see the way she has impacted people's lives.  Thank you also for your prayers in these last weeks - they make a difference!

The funeral will be tomorrow (Friday, 10th January) in Meilen, Switzerland.  Simon was able to get a flight home this week so he can be with the family and attend the funeral.  Pray that it would be a blessed time for the family during these days as they spend time with each another.

1 Peter 1:3-9

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Present with her Lord

In the early hours of this morning around 2am Simon`s Mum, Bethli Wunderli, went to be with Jesus.  After some years of battling with cancer the Lord took her home today.  We are thankful that she is no longer suffering and that her heart`s desire was to go "home".  As Joshua prayed tonight she is now with Jesus and is happy there.  Please pray for the family back in Switzerland as they organise the funeral and for the whole family during this grieving time.

We are thankful for the testimony and legacy she leaves behind.  She will be missed greatly by many who knew her but we know that one day, for those who have a relationship with Jesus, we will join her in that Heavenly home.

Thank you for all those who have written, called or sms`d during these days.  We are thankful for your care and concern.  I will keep you updated with further news as and when we get it.

Thanks for interceding!!!