Thursday, 21 November 2013

More news from Kodike

Fred (MAF's Flight Follower) and his wife Jocelyn made another trip by car to Kodike to deliver more food stuffs and clothing.  Below are some photos that Fred took of his time there.
Fred, and others, will be travelling up this weekend again to minister to the people of this area.  Please pray for them as they do this that many will be encouraged, needs will be met and that God will protect this team in their service to the people of Kodike.
The roads were passable but not without difficulty.  Fred said that if they had come a day earlier it would have been a challenge to get the 1708kg of seeds up to Kodike.


Bags of maize, flour, beans, sorghum offloaded and waiting for distribution

Jocelyn (Fred's wife) helping with the distribution of the food supplies and Fred helping also (sitting on the seat in the picture below)

Above and below people walking home with the seeds that they have been given

Jocelyn handing out clothes to young mothers

Fred included a photo he had taken of some land that had been donated.  This land is going to be used to build a church.  They will be gathering wooden poles to put a structure in place.  Often people have to walk a long way to get to church.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Prayer Chains

MAF Uganda has been busy putting the prayer chains together that have been sent over from the UK.  These are strips of paper that people have written prayers on for MAF and for two other organisations that operate in Uganda.

Last Friday we had a fellowship day where all the staff, National and International, got together for a time of worship and teaching led by Tony Horsfall (MAF's Pastoral Care Worker, who works for Charis Training in the UK).  During that time we also put the prayer chains together.  As we did we read some of the prayers that people had written.  Thanks to all of you who contributed to this and for your prayers...they work!!

Our Information Co-ordinator, Jill Vine, explains it well in the following....

o      We’ve kick started the “Paper Plane Chain” venture with the National Staff helping to assemble and read the encouraging messages sent to the program…the office is now looking very festive.  The International Staff have made a dint in the next batch of chain mail, soon to be followed by the entire team helping to finish off the rest of the chains designated for MAF staff on Friday at our fellowship day at the hangar.    (soon to be also laced with paper planes)  After this, the flight on the 13th to both Pader and Soroti (Northern Uganda) will take place with 8 national & international passengers delivering the rest of the messages/paper planes that have been written and sent in for the IMA clinic and ALARM.  

The messages that we’ve so far read together have been quite amazing and have given us an awareness of the world of supporters praying for us as a team at large….Please pray that on the 13th that our partners in Pader and Soroti will also feel the effect of these reassuring messages and that it will encourage them to keep persevering in their ministries and to also know they’re covered by MAF, not just by flights, but also in prayer.

The prayer chains being draped over the two Cessna 208's (caravans).  Those prayer chains are now decorating the hangar inside for Christmas and there are a bunch more to be made up.

A photo of our MAF Pilots and Engineers beside the new Cessna 208 that just flew in that morning.  This is the newest aircraft in our fleet and so there are a few people who are excited to be flying and working on it very soon once the registration and necessary paperwork is complete. 
 "Boys and their toys" :)

As promised....


A few weeks ago Simon was asked to make a coffin for a baby girl who died, Selah Shalom McPhee.  Simon has made many things with wood but this was a first and not an easy one.

With permission from the parents I have included a photo of the coffin.  Please pray for the McPhee family as they go through the grieving process of losing their baby girl.  They have posted on their facebook page some photos of the moments of when they buried baby Selah.  It sure brings tears to your eyes.  You can see the photos on Facebook at Dave and Janna McPhee.  I am sure this will encourage you to pray for this family as they work through their journey of grief.

Whilst Simon was making the coffin Zara came in to have a look.  In a matter of fact voice she asked if Simon would make one for her if she died as a child. Simon told her he would but prayed he would never have to.  I was glad I didn't have to answer her.