Saturday, 29 June 2013

School is finished - Yipppeee

Thursday was the last day of school for Joshua and Zara.  They were so ready for it as were many of their friends.  It feels good to have a couple of days to enjoy a less hectic schedule.  However, our furlough to Switzerland starts in two weeks and there is still much to do.  Hoping we will get everything done before we leave. 

We have had a few "goodbyes" recently and they are not fun especially when its saying goodbye to best friends.  We had a few tears the other night when we had to say goodbye to our best friends here in Uganda.  Enjoy the photos below.

Joshua having his last sleepover with his best friend, Joel, they love to invent things together. 

Zara's last sleepover with Ruben.  They have been best friends since Ruben arrived from Tanzania almost 4 years ago.

At the farewell party...not easy!

Hello's and the in between part is a lot of fun but the goodbyes are painful.

Memorable times together.

Zara achieved her Wow award badge for music (the star shaped one) and her wise owl for reaching 200 house points!  She was very proud!  Joshua also received a silver merit badge.  Proud of my wee bairns!!

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Simon enjoying his "office" in the sky

Simon is enjoying being back flying again.  Here are some recent photos of him flying Sam Tsapwe and Jill Vine (MAF colleague) to one of the islands in Lake Victoria where he was going to be doing some ministry.  Thanks to Jill Vine for the photos :)

Simon's view from his "office" and every day it is a different view.....doesn't get much better.  So grateful to the Lord for enabling Simon to do what he loves and for the healing he has experienced with his back.

Simon unloading the C206 with all the supplies needed for Sam's trip which will include the necessary equipment to show the Jesus Film

The Fishing village

Birthday Fun

In May Joshua turned 10 and Zara turned 8.  Here are some photos of them at the "diving board" place in Entebbe where they wanted to go for their birthdays. 

The 4 MAF kids with birthdays in May

All the kids that came out to join in the birthday fun!

Sorry you will need to turn your head for these videos not sure what happened :(

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Bits and pieces update

I am not sure where the time is going but I just said to some friends that it sometimes feel like I am on a continual rollercoaster.  Think I got off it this week though for a bit :)  I was encouraged by Matthew 11:30 and 1 John 5:3.  When God calls us to do something it is not burdensome.  We sometimes make our lives burdensome but that is not what God calls us to.  Good reminder when life gets hectic!!

So the beginning of May saw Joshua turn 10.  We celebrated at a swimming pool, with friends, in Entebbe.  We had a great time and it is difficult to believe my wee lad is that old.  Zara turned 8 last week.  My wee princess is growing up fast and they are both a joy to our hearts.  I hope to post some photos at some point.

We had some sickness this month with Joshua having gastroenteritis.  He was on a course of antibiotics for 5 days as well as some other medicine.  He is now back to normal and so we give thanks for that.  Zara was unwell the day before her birthday but is now back to normal....hallelujah.

We have some changes in our programme with some families leaving or left and others joining. It is fun to have new people come but not so easy to let people go.  Goodbyes are all part of an ex-pats life but they don't get any easier.  Close friends of ours leave in 4 weeks time and we are not looking forward to it at all :(

Simon has been busy with flying and other work commitments.  We are also in the midst of planning furlough (Simon more than me).  We head to Switzerland around the second week of July but there is much to do before then.  Pray that we get to see everyone we need to see in the 4 weeks we are there but that we can balance the time well.

In amongst everything we have hospitality and people stay with us at different times.  In a weeks time we have a MAF colleague from another programme come and stay with us for a week.  The guest bed doesn't stay cold for long :) 

Bible studies are going well.  The International Bible study on a Wednesday is wrapping up their time in Acts.  It has been a great study and it has been a fruitful time.  We will start a new study in September in the book of 1 Corinthians.  Pray that God would prepare our hearts for this future study in God's Word.  God has provided new people to join us in this Bible study which is great but we have also had to say goodbye to others who are returning to their home countries after years of service on the field.  Feels like we are in transition a lot these days.

The Thursday morning Bible study with nationals has finished a short study in Bible study methods and we are now in study called Speaking Wisely: Exploring the power of words.  We are also doing this one in the MAF office with the ladies there.  It has been a powerful study and makes us think a lot about how we use our words and the impact they have on people.  Just read James 3, Ephesians 4:22-5:5 and Colossians 3 to get an idea :)  The big question is who rules within us?  Do we choose the flesh or the spirit?  Ok wee sermon over.

We trust this post finds you well and we give thanks to all of you who continue to support and encourage us in our ministry here in Uganda. We appreciate you.