Friday, 3 May 2013

Simon on a mission to South Sudan

Last week Simon flew 10 hours in the plane below to pick up a sick worker from an organization called Every Village that works in South Sudan.  The patient had been sick for a while and was not responding to medication/treatment that he had been given.  Simon went up to Juba where he overnighted and then travelled onto where the man was located in the bush in South Sudan.  Simon said he looked pretty sick when he picked him up.  However, yesterday I talked with one of his colleagues here in Kampala and he said he is doing a lot better now and will be travelling back up to South Sudan on Monday.  In some situations MAF is definitely a life line to many people especially those living in the remote areas of the world.

Zara - our wee Evangelist!

Yesterday I was teaching a Bible study on how to study God's Word for yourself.  During our time one of the ladies in the group, whom we have known for a long time told us a conversation that she had with Zara in the garden.  This lady uses part of our garden to plant maize.  Zara loves going out and gardening together with *S*.  Anyway while they were both preparing the soil together to plant the seeds Zara started telling *S* the parable of the sower.  She also asked *S* if she knew if this maize was going to fall on rocky soil or good soil.  *S* said well we will know in 2-3 weeks if we see maize plants growing through the soil.  Then Zara asked her if she knew Jesus as her personal Lord and Saviour.  *S* said yes.  Then Zara said, great, then we will be neighbours in Heaven :)  *S* was amazed that Zara could tell the story so well and then be so bold to ask if she was a believer.  She said it showed her that you can share the gospel anywhere and that she realized that even a child can understand.

For Simon and I it was just great to hear that Zara not only knows these stories from the Bible but is happy to share them also.  It is good to get glimpses of how much she is taking in.

I wonder what will be the next conversation in the maize patch :)