Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Simon update

Due to Simon's back and leg pain not getting any better we sought a second opinion from an Orthapedic surgeon.  He asked for an x-ray and an MRI to be done.   We went back for the results to be told that the only solution is surgery.  The surgery to remove the disc cannot be done in Uganda so he will need to travel back to Europe for that.  Everything is now in the hands of the insurance company as to when and where it will take place.  We are looking forward to the day that he will be pain free and can enjoy normal life to the full again.

Please pray for the following:-

  • That the surgery can happen either in Switzerland or Scotland as we have family there that can help.
  • Wisdom to know whether we all go or Simon goes alone.  (I bet you can determine my preference :) )
  • For the surgery to be successful and he has no further problems
  • For MAF Uganda who will be without a pilot and safety officer during that time
I have also been unwell on and off throughout December/January.  On medication for a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) at the moment.  Praying its the last sickness for a while. :)  Give thanks that Joshua and Zara are healthy and pray that that continues.

Friday, 18 January 2013

The special people that keep our planes flying...MAF Engineers

As a pilot family you often here flight stories about the people and places we serve in Uganda, Congo and South Sudan.  However, there are many people on the ground who help to make all these flights happen whether it be office staff, flight operations, grounds staff or engineers amongst others.  Below is a link to a you tube video that one of MAF's pilots, Bryan Pill put together.  It gives an overall view of what our MAF Uganda engineers get up to.  The interview is with our Dutch Chief Engineer, Kees Barendse.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Random photos from 2012

I finally figured out how to upload these photos on our blog.  Nothing stays the same for long.  I did prefer the last method of doing it but change is good right? :(

This is Zara with three of the McCourtney Clan.. They were staying with us for a week awaiting their adoption paperwork to go to the States.  You can read their family story at 
Look at Elizabeth jump!
This is at a MAF social.  Its amazing what a large piece of plastic, some water and some soap can do to entertain kids.  They come out pretty clean afterwards too.
Two days before New Year I watched part of our back wall fall down.  It was a bit surreal until I ran outside (didn't know where Joshua was for a moment but thankfully nowhere near this wall|) and then saw the extent of the damage.  Some of the bricks have been salvaged to use again.  We are still without a wall and the other half that still stands looks very precarious.  Our neighbours are going through the insurance company so we are awaiting to hear back from them as to what is going to happen.  Never a dull moment in Africa!  Sorry its not a good shot of Joshua but at least it gives you some perspective as to the size of the damage.
We have had so much rain in these last months that the wall could not take it anymore.  It might not be the only wall that falls as there is one on the side of our garden which looks like it could be next in line. 

Monday, 14 January 2013

Happy New Year and an update


I had hoped to have had a photo update by now but I have been having trouble uploading photos so will need to wait for another time.

Anyway Happy New Year to all of you who are reading this.  We trust that 2013 has started well for you and you are looking forward to what God has in store for this coming year.

We had a good time over Christmas and New Year.  My Mum visited with us again for Christmas so we have enjoyed having her around and Joshua and Zara have loved all the extra attention and all the goodies that come out of the kitchen.

We spent Christmas Day at home and had two families join us for Christmas dinner and a further two families for dessert in the late afternoon.  I think there was about 26 of us all together.  There was a lot of laughter and fun so an enjoyable day.

At New Year we headed out west to a place called Kluges Guest Farm in Fort Portal.  We went with three other families plus their extended family.  The sun shone which was a welcomed sight as we hadn't had much of it due to lots of rain in a supposedly dry season.  We enjoyed good food, swimming in the pool, playing games and a walk in the forest.  Although the biting ants weren't too much fun and the smell of the dead monkey wasn't the best :)  However, we did see monkeys in the trees so for the guests who were not familiar with this enjoyed it a lot and were taking lots of photos. 

Life has now hit the fast lane again as we are back to our various jobs and responsiblities.  Joshua and Zara returned to school last Wednesday and are adjusting to early mornings again and homework of which Joshua is not impressed about at all.  However, give him a week and he will get into a routine....well we hope anyway :)  They really enjoyed their Christmas holidays playing with friends, working on projects and generally enjoying a different schedule.  It was fun having them around during the day and doing different things with them.

Simon is also back to flying and his other responsiblities.  However, he is still having issues with his back and the Doctor has recommended that he seeks further treatment for it.  He will go for a second opinion on Thursday and also plans to get an MRI.  Depending on the outcome of these events we will decide what to do next.  Please be in prayer for him if you think about it.  It is not easy to be in pain for as long as he has been.  Please pray for relief for him in this area.

Some of you may have been wondering what has happened to the Congo situation.  Well things have quietened down in Bunia although there has been unrest in other places in EDRC.  Currently we have three families (no small children) back in Congo and two families (with small children) still in Kampala.  It is not easy for the programme to be divided like this so please pray for them to be unified despite the geographical difference.  There has also been a change in Programme Manager during this time as this particular family were due to return to the States for furlough at the beginning of this year.  This has come at a difficult time.  Please pray for those making decisions that God would give them much wisdom and insight for the days, weeks and months to come.  We do give thanks for the way God protected each family during the difficult days leading up to the evacuation and afterwards.  Thanks for your prayers.

My involvement with MMCT (Mobile Member Care Team) has stepped up a notch in the last couple of weeks.  At the end of January they will be running a course entitled Member Care while Managing Crisis here in Kampala.  I have been helping somewhat with logistics and the new group that I am involved in that was established last year, Member Care Kampala, will be a visible presence at this course in order to get more recruits :)  We hope to add to the group which will then help spread the load of member care throughout Kampala when the need arises.   Many organisations don't have their own member care so rely on outside help when a crisis, trauma or difficult situation comes up.  We hope to be able to facilitate these organisations in this area.

This week Bible studies start up again.  We will be starting a new study in the Book of Acts for the International Ladies and the other two groups will continue in Exodus.  Please be in prayer for these Bible studies that people would be open to what God wants to say to them through the study of God's Word and that it would be a rich time of learning together.

Thanks to all of you who prayed and supported us during 2012.  We are grateful for your involvement in our lives and for the part you play in the work here in Uganda.  May God bless you richly.