Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Please pray for our team in C*ngo who are evacuating out of B*nia today.  There has been unrest for a few days now and the situation has escalated in G*ma in the south.  Roads were blocked to the airport but fortunately the families were able to leave their houses and make it to the airport this afternoon.  We will be hosting one couple and the rest of the families will be spread out.  Please pray for these team members as its not easy to leave in times like this especially when their C*ongolese friends have to stay behind.  Its an unsettling time and there is no definite time to return.   Pray for those that have been through this before as this is not the first time for a few of them.  Pray for the memories that it can generate and the losses that happen during these times.

Pray for wisdom for those making decisions that God would guide them clearly.  Pray for a spirit of unity during these days and that MAF Uganda will be a support to this team!  I will keep you updated.

1 Peter 5:7

Monday, 19 November 2012

Blessings in the midst of difficulty

Thanks to all of you reading this who have been praying for Simon.  He is greatly improved and the pain in his back is negliable.  He is having pain down his leg still which is related to the trapped nerve from his back.  However, that is easing over time so we are grateful for that.  He doesn't have to attend the doctor this week although will need to go for a check up next week.  He is hoping that he can return to flying next week even in a limited capacity but time will tell on that one.

Because he is able to stand comfortably and work he has been working on some wood projects for the hangar and the terminal building.  This has kept him busy along with his safety officer job.  However, sitting at the computer for long periods of time hasn't been easy so he has had to limit the amount of time he does but it is getting better and better.

For the past week we have had guests staying with us.  Zane McCourtney and his family have been living in Kitgum and ministering to the people in that region of Northern Uganda.  However, in recent months Summer, his wife, had to return to the States because of ill health.  Her health was so bad that she is not able to return to Uganda.  This has reversed their plans of living in Uganda for many years to come.  Due to the fact that they are in the midst of adopting 11 children Zane has had to remain in Uganda to see this adoption process finalised.   It is not a straight forward process and requires a lot of patience and perserverance.  You can follow their lives at their blogspot  Zane has been down in Kampala this week trying to get paperwork done.  So we have been a family of three adults and 5 children. 

God has a way of working things out and so with Simon "grounded" and me still having to be out and about on occasions he has been able to watch Zane's children so he can go and run around visiting all the official offices.   I guess if you look hard enough you can find blessing in every circumstance. :)

Having said all that we would still value your prayers for Simon that he would make a full recovery and get back into flying again.  Also if you think of them please pray for the McCourtney family in this time of separation and as they navigate the adoption process in Uganda and the States.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Simon update

Thanks to all of you who have been praying for Simon.  He is doing much better and is now only going to the Dr. for treatment every other day instead of every day.  Progress is being made :)  He is off the MAF flight schedule for a further two weeks unless a miracle happens and he recovers fully within that time.

He is more mobile thankfully and is able to spend some time standing (he cannot sit for long periods) in the wood shop making picture frames for our new MAF hangar.  He continues with his "office" job of Safety Officer and was able to hold a meeting for that this week although he had to stand for most of it and the meeting went for 4.5 hours and they say women talk too much :)  Anyway we are glad he is doing better as it hasn't been fun at all watching him suffer in this way. 

We appreciate all the emails, facebook messages and sms's you have sent with your thoughts of encouragement and your prayers.  We look forward to the next two weeks and the progress he will make. :)