Thursday, 22 December 2011

Happy Christmas and every blessing for 2012

Thank you to all our faithful family, friends and supporters who have stood behind us during this past year.  We appreciate all that you do for us and we want to wish you a blessed time over this festive season.  May you reflect on the true meaning of CHRISTmas in the days ahead.
Matthew 1:18-25

Friday, 9 December 2011

Has rainy season ended???

As I write the sun is shining outside and there is not a rain cloud in sight.  We have had a long rainy season and the temperatures have been quite cool.  However, I am sure we will be wishing for rain again in a short while when the dust increases :)

Thanks to all of you who prayed for Simon when he was in Juba last week.  He had very full days (a normal day was at least 12 hrs).  He did everything from helping one of the staff with their driving after only recently passing his test, organising ground operations and loading and unloading aircraft.  He said he found muscles he never knew he had.  It was an enjoyable experience for him and gave him a good perspective on the real needs of the team in Juba.  One thing that made the job all the more difficult was working in 40c+ degree weather.  I think I would have just melted into a puddle.

While Simon was running around in South Sudan Joshua, Zara and I held the fort at home.  The kids did really well with Simon gone although they were looking forward to him coming home at the end of the week and so there was much celebration when he walked into the house.  He definately knew he was loved :)

Joshua and Zara have their last day at school today.  By the sounds of things there won't be much work happening but end of year parties.  They are ready for a break and I hear a lot of the parents say that their children are tired.  Ours are no different.  Of course what adds to the excitement is the fact that my Mum is supposed to arrive today for  Christmas.  However, the way the weather is in Scotland at the moment we will need to see if she makes it on time.  We are praying that it all works out and she arrives he safely.

I had my last Bible studies this week.  It has been a great time of studying God's word together and wrestling with some of the passages as we worked through Genesis.  It was supposed to be an overview study but there are so many gold nuggets to be found that we ended up taking it at a slower pace.  We should be finished Genesis in January when we restart after the children have gone back to school.  It is so exciting to see so many women enjoying studying God's Word together.  I pray that that passion never goes away.  So far it is working out to split the Bible study into two groups and gives people more of a chance for discussion.  There is a possibility of another lady joining us in January so the groups seem to get bigger. :)  A good problem to have!

This week Zara has been struggling with a cough and I have been battling a cold that I pretended wasn't really coming.  However, it has let me know its here and so I pray that it won't linger.  Do pray with us for good health over the Christmas holidays and that we have a rest during this time.