Monday, 28 November 2011

Rain, Rain and more Rain

This month we have seen a lot of rain.  This morning when I took eight children to school the road in the valley was pretty much impassable.  The water was up to the windscreen of a small bus and one car was already on its side.  I was so grateful I didn't have to go that way.  As I passed that way on the way to pick up the children the field next to the road was basically a lake.  It is going to take a while before all that water recedes.  With all this rain comes bad roads or inpassable roads and collapsed houses.  As I drove today I saw people putting sandbags in front of their shops and houses so that the water wouldn't enter.  I guess too much of a good thing can also be a bad the dry season we are glad to see the rain.

We are also experiencing a lot of power outs sometimes 24hrs at a time.  This has had a detrimental affect on businesses who rely on power to get their work done.  It is getting to the point whereby when we have power it is a bonus.  The reasons for the power shortages are as long as a piece of string so I won't even try to explain.  Last week there were some demonstrations in town as people become ever more frustrated at the situation. 

On a different note...Simon is currently off to drier climbs.  He is spending a week in Juba and will return on Friday.  Due to changes in how we have to do our flights in South Sudan this has meant more work for the MAF team in Juba.  Because of this some of our MAF Uganda staff are going up there for one week at a time to do various jobs.  We will see what Simon gets up to whilst he is there.  No doubt he will get a project or two :)

Work for me has also increased this month.  I have gone from teaching two Bible studies to four.  The international ladies Bible study has grown so we decided to split it into two groups so it doesn't become impersonal.  This means that I teach two on a Wednesday morning.  On a Thursday morning I go down to the MAF Guesthouse and teach the staff there and then once that is finished I head to the MAF office to teach one there.  Thankfully I have made Friday my day off.  My brain is pretty much "mince" by then so its a good thing nothing is normally scheduled.  It has been a blessing and privilege to teach these Bible studies and to have ladies from outside of MAF come and join us.  This helps us to not become too insular :)

Along with all of that I keep my hand in member care.  Sometimes it is just connecting people so that they can talk to the right person; other times its going out for coffee and having a chat with somebody.  Just this week there was a request (outside of MAF) for somebody who needed a counsellor.  The staff member who needed some help had undergone a severe trauma.  We will see if our contacts can start the process of helping this person.

Joshua and Zara are doing well.  They keep very busy with school commitments, clubs and, of course, their social life.  This week Joshua is taking part in a play at school.  He has a dancing part in the play and also has to dress up like an old man.  Rather him than me :)

If you think of it pray for Simon in Juba and for us in Uganda.  Pray nothing breaks while he is gone :)  Our car has undergone a few replacement pieces last week.  It is showing its age (20 years) but after some work it has burst into life again.  Pray that it has no further problems this week. :)

Thursday, 3 November 2011

A last minute visit

Last Thursday we had Summer and Eden come to stay.  We have known Summer and Zane for a number of years now.  Zane, in the last two years, has been Pastoring two churchs upcountry in a place called Kitgum as well as developing a farm.  They meet under a mango tree for church :).

Summer has been having some health problems and was due to fly to Kenya but because of the recent bombings there decided against it and to wait a couple more weeks.  She did, however, need to do some testings which couldn't wait so travelled, with their youngest daughter, Eden, to Kampala.  This was an 8 hour bus journey which is not pleasant at the best of times but more so when you are not feeling well.

Thankfully they arrived safely and we enjoyed catching up on their new life in Kitgum.  It is very different to what we experience in the City.  To get a glimpse of their ministry you can check out their blogspot at

Due to the uncomfortable bus ride and needing an additional trip to the doctor Summer was able to fly back on a MAF plane on the Monday instead of taking the grueling bus trip back on Saturday.  Due to the airstrip being in a bad way at Kitgum she had to get off at Gulu and then take a 2 hour bus journey to Kitgum.  Still it was better than sitting in the bus for 8 hours :)

Above you will see a picture of Eden with Zara.  Joshua and Zara enjoyed having a little sister for the weekend.  Thankfully she is used to brothers and sisters as she has 12!.  Summer and Zane have two biological children and 11 adopted.  They have a busy home :)

Bunny Update

As you will know from a previous post that we have bunnies.  We thought we had 5 babies but it turns out we only have 4 but that is enough to keep up going I can tell you.  Joshua and Zara love them and they get cuddled and kissed at any free moment.  Some of  J and Z's friends come over to play with them too so they have a been a source of great entertainment.  It is difficult not to get attached to them because they are so cute and mischievous.  I will let you enjoy the photos and see for yourself.

This and that

For some of you reading this post you are in the midst of Autumn/Fall and heading towards the winter season.  For us we are just coming out of a heavy rainy season and cooler temperatures.  A couple of weekends ago we went out to visit some friends in the West of Uganda in place called Fort Portal.  They are starting a new ministry there which includes discipleship and possible a prison ministry.  It was great to see where they are living and have an idea of what their daily life is like.  That side of the country is very green and we know rains!  It felt more like Scotland in February and it was definately cooler than Kampala.  We were also able to hook up with some other people we knew there and also attend Calvary Chapel Fort Portal and to hear of the great work that is happening there.

However, during that time away I wasn't feeling 100% and continued to feel under the weather the following week.  A trip to the doctor showed that I had a bacterial infection so antibiotics were required.  I just finished the medication the other day and am feeling much better.  Praise the Lord for modern medicine.

As I write Simon is currently in Kenya.  He left Monday for a Safety Officers/Quality Manager conference.  When I skyped with him the other day he said it can get overwhelming what needs to be achieved but as the saying goes Rome wasn't built in a day so one step at a time.  We are happy that he will be home tonight and we will all be altogether again.

Thank you to all of you who pray for the Bible Studies I teach.  We are having a wonderful time studying together.  We are halfway through the book of Genesis and enjoying the time of fellowship together.  God is doing an amazing work through His Word.  This week we were studying the story of the death of Sarah and Isaac and Rebekah.  It was interesting to note that despite the mistakes that Sarah made in her life God considered her a Godly woman and someone we can look up to.  This is mentioned in two other places in Scripture.  Isn't it great that we serve a God who forgives and uses us despite our weaknesses and failings.