Thursday, 9 December 2010

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Prayer is to the skeptic a delusion, a waste of time.
To the believer it represents perhaps the most important use of time.
Philip Yancey
Thanks to all of you who make the time to pray for us. It makes a difference!

Hit and Run

Simon had a sad start to his morning flight to Sudan today. On his way along the Entebbe road at 6:30am he witnessed a lady being hit by a car. She thought she could make it across the road in time to reach the centre reservation but was hit by a car which was driving in front of Simon. The lady was propelled over the car and landed on the road side. Of course with Simon driving behind the car he saw it all and realised that there was no way this lady could have survived this fatal accident. The car who hit the lady didn't stop but continued on his way. Simon managed to follow the car and get its registration number. There are usually Police out on the Entebbe Road so it didn't take long for Simon to locate one and give him the information regarding the hit and run. What will happen with this information we we will never know. However, please pray for the lady that was hit and for the family she now leaves behind. Also to pray for the man who hit the lady as I can't imagine how he must be feeling today.

It gives us a sober reminder that we never know the moment of our departure from this life. This past week I have been teaching on the two parables in Matthew 25 concerning the Ten Virgins and the Parable of the Talents. As believers, we need to be like the 5 wise virgins who lived in constant anticipation of the Lord's return. During our wait we need to also be in active service for our Lord in what He has called us to do like the faithful servants in the Talent parable. A good reminder for us all.