Monday, 27 September 2010

Catch up

It is about time for another update on what we are up to. Time seems to speed up when you get older :)

Two or so weeks ago our guest room was busy again. One 0f Simon's flight instructors from his Moody Aviation days was coming to Uganda to do some flight training with some students from a flight school in Soroti, Uganda. It was fun to have him with us and catch up on what former classmates were doing as well as other mutual friends/acquaintances. He had never been in Africa before so this training week was going to be an eye opener for him not only on the work side but just the whole "African experience". He witnessed the crazy driving, the not so time orientated culture, pot holes, and the general exciting smells and sounds of Africa. It was good for Simon and I to see some of these things through fresh eyes as a lot of these sights we now take for granted and see as "normal". He was also able to go on a flight with Simon and see different parts of Uganda as well as observe Simon fly and see how good a job Moody did in preparing him for the field. :)

Now that I have completely handed over the guesthouse job I have moved into a new sphere of work. Over the summer I was given the opportunity to take over the teaching of the MAF International ladies and National Ladies Bible studies as some of you may know. This was a huge step but it has been a blessing. We are currently going through the book of 2 Timothy and learning a lot as we study together. We are moving into Chapter 2 this week and have learned from Chapter 1 to be bold in our proclamation of the Gospel and to stand firm and not be timid. This is never easy but we know that we don't do it in our own strength but through the Holy Spirit who strengthens us. I have really enjoyed the time with the ladies and to see them really engaging in the Bible study and bringing their own experiences has been a blessing!

As many of you know I am currently enroled in a Cognitive Behaviour Therapy course and hope to complete it by the end of November It has been a great course to study and ties in so well Biblically. Our battles begin in our mind and as Paul says in God's word we need to take every thought captive. (2 Cor 10:5). Along with this correspondence course I will be attending a day course this week starting on Wednesday which goes through until the following Tuesday. It is a Crisis Reponse training workshop from the Mobile Member Care Team. It is an intense course so I know I will probably sleep for a week afterwards :) A colleague and I will be attending this course together and our goal is that, in time, we will be equipped to give better member care to people whether it be in MAF or outside in the midst of a crisis situation. I will keep you updated as to how it all went. I would value your prayers as I go through this course and for Simon as he helps out with school runs and caring for Joshua and Zara whilst I am gone as the sessions run late. He is scheduled to fly mornings only so hopefully all that works out :)

We would also value your prayers for Simon's mum as she is undergoing chemotherapy for cancer again. Please pray for strength for her as she goes through this difficult treatment with all its side effects. Pray also for Simon's dad and the rest of the family. We give thanks for her strong faith in the Lord and the trust that she displays so readily.

Thank you for your continued love and support for us whilst we minister here in Uganda. It is truly a blessing.

Monday, 6 September 2010

Stuck in the Mud

Above are some photos that were taken of a road in Sudan. The Rumbeck Yirol road to be exact. As you can see it is impassable and many vehicles are imbedded in the mud and it will take time to clear. This is an ongoing problem in rainy season and often times there is only one road in and out. Villages and towns can be cut off.

Pray for our pilots during this rainy season as some airstrips are difficult to land on and take off especially in Sudan where some of the airstrips have cotton soil. It is almost impossible to walk in it never mind trying to get a plane out of.

Also for wisdom for our pilots as they navigate heavy rain fall and storms in flying. Pray that they will be able to get passengers and supplies safely where they need to go.
This is just another clear reminder of why MAF does what it does.