Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Medical Evacuation

Yesterday Simon was called upon to do a medical evacuation in Bunia, Congo. The person concerned had suffered a broken neck due to a motorbike accident. Amazingly enough the patient had a proper brace on to prevent his neck from being further damaged and was able to walk to the plane. Simon was medevacing him to Kampala for treatment but if the injuries were too great then he was to be sent onto Nairobi. Please pray for this young man that he would get the proper treatment and that there would be no further damage done to his neck.

This is when we realise that MAF is vital in this country and in Congo and Sudan. To do a trip from Bunia to Kampala would be a very long ardous task even when you are well. To have a broken neck and travel the rough roads would be disasterous.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Time for change....

It is difficult to believe that almost 3 years ago Jacqueline (Friend and MAF co-worker) and I took over the running of the MAF guesthouse and completely revamped the ministry. This also meant moving it to a different location. Well change has happened and we are now stepping out of this ministry and into another (the next one isn't so clear yet :)) Jacqueline will be moving back to the UK with her husband, Adrian (Operations Manager) after three years with MAF Uganda. They still hope to be involved in MAF but in what capacity we are not sure yet. God has provided two other very capable ladies within MAF to take over the running of the guesthouse and we are looking forward to what God has planned.
It has been a fun job and I couldn't have asked for a better co-worker. We have laughed a lot through these three years whilst working together and this, I think, has kept us sane as we have faced some very challenging problems and situations we couldn't have even dreamed of. On the other side we have lost a lot of sleep over it and brain cells I think. (No comments please) We both know it is right to stand down and pass on the baton but we will look back on our time with the guesthouse as a great opportunity and a positive experience.
What does God have in store for me now....well there are other opportunities on the horizon and once He has made it clear I will let you know. I will have a hand over time with the new Guesthouse Managers during the next couple of months just so the transition is a bit easier. I am looking forward to the next challenge that God brings my way and see what happens.
Thanks to those who have supported the Guesthouse ministry since I have been involved in it by giving up precious kilos to bring things out from the UK or giving financial donations. They were greatly appreciated.