Thursday, 24 June 2010

Photo update of Simon's trip to Sudan

On arrival in Mvolo, Sudan it is good to find out where you will be sleeping

The next important thing is water....start filtering guys!

Just so you know that you are not alone....the distances to the neighbouring towns/villages.

Building a new school

The local parish church

A health and hygience course being taught under the big tree.....who needs classrooms!

Some local can you resist those smiles.

Then we have the older generation...a chat and a smoke what could be better :)

A 1939 English outpost

The Mvolo River...well so the locals call it.

The very posh dining room with the sleeping quarters behind

Showering facilites - top notch compared to some I have showered in :)

Home Sweet Home....well for a night or two.

The walk to the Radio Station. When the cotton soil gets wet its almost impossible to walk in.

Aid Sudan's radio station mast

A view from the top of the mast - Yes Simon climbed it!

Anybody for lunch? - doesn't come much fresher...

A can see how parched the ground is.

Just when things seemed to be going so well......a flat tyre.

Carrying water for making cement for the building projects.

The three team members from Aid Sudan and, of course, our lovely pilot...Simon :)

Simon was able to go on a week long trip with three guys from Aid Sudan. They flew up in MAF's 206 and Simon shuttled them around to their various projects in different parts of Sudan. Simon loves these trips as they are always an adventure and he gets to spend time with the missionaries and some of the locals.