Thursday, 14 January 2010

New Year Update

Happy New Year to everyone!

I can't believe we are already about half way through January 2010. Quite unbelievable where the time goes.

We had a relaxing break over Christmas and New Year. My Mum flew out at the beginning of December for a two month visit so it has been good to have her here. However, the weather wasn't very nice at all over Christmas with a lot of rain so we didn't venture too far and didn't do much swimming with Joshua and Zara which was the plan. Although we were able to relax with having about a week off from work so that was a blessing. Simon was able to complete two bunk beds (double deckers as they call them here) for Joshua and Zara which they love as they are really high so they can have a desk underneath. He was also able to make two new beds for the guestroom so that kept him out of mischief over the Christmas holidays.

2010 has started off fairly busy again. Simon is back up flying and keeping up to date with his "paper" job. (Safety and Security Officer position). Yesterday he had his flight medical and passed with flying colours. They said he had the heart of someone who does a lot of sports so I guess he is still in good shape :)

Joshua and Zara are back in school again. They were definately glad to get back into a routine again after the holidays and see their friends. Joshua started his German lessons again yesterday after school with friends of ours. He is really enjoying it. Zara also started yesterday so we will see how that goes. She has a bit of a shorter concentration span but it is good that she wants to try.

I am back doing Guesthouse work. Just before Christmas we had the whole place fumigated to keep undesirable "furry and bug type" guests out. The staff did a great job in helping have the place ready for the fumigators to come in. Hopefully, this will last for about a year before we have to repeat the process.

We are also working on a couple of new systems within the running of the guesthouse. We hope this will better aid the staff in the work that they do. As we grow and develop our systems and procedures also need to. There is always something that is needing upgraded :)

Last week, Jacqueline and I, needed to go shopping for a coat/shoe rack for one of the bedrooms. Now you might think that this would be an easy task. We went down to Gaba Road where all the woodworkers display their goods. We parked on the roadside and began to walk between all the furniture to see if we could find one. The first one we came across was okay but not great and when I asked the seller how much he wanted for it he said Ush 800,000 which is about $400. I said I think you mean Ush 80,000 but he was adamant that he wanted Ush 800,000 and looked surprised that I didn't want to pay that. Well after a few more chats we found a seller who was willing to sell it for Ush 50,000 which is about $25. A big difference :). Unfortunately we had taken Jacquelines car which doesn't have a roof rack and the rack wouldn't fit inside the car. Not to be outdone we did it the "Ugandan" way. There is always a way although it might not look pretty. We covered the top of the car with a mat and then placed the rack on top and then just tied it down to the roof. I could just imagine doing this in Europe and not getting too far before being stopped by the police but we just blended in fine in our neighbourhood.
We drove at a snails pace and had to stop a couple of times to make sure the tie downs hadn't loosened but we managed to reach the guesthouse without incident although we did laugh a lot on the way. I think our imaginations were running a bit wild as to what could happen to this piece of furniture above our head and where it might land if it did decide to slide off. Just another day in Uganda!

This week saw the start of our Bible studies again. I will be hosting the MAF International ladies one at our house and a good friend of mine, Luan, will be teaching. We just finished the book of Daniel before Christmas and we are starting Ephesians this term. Yesterday was our first get together and having a introductory session to the book of Ephesians. We are excited about what we are going to learn.

Today is our first study with the National staff ladies in the MAF Office. Luan and I did "Women of the Bible" with them last term and this term we are going to be going through the book of James. Luan and I will be team teaching this book. I have already learned a lot just by studying for this class and so I am excited about what God is going to teach us through it. Please be in prayer for these two studies that they would be a blessing to all those who attend and that lives would be changed.

Well this wasn't supposed to be such a big update and I hope to be better in doing smaller posts more regularly. We will see what happens :0)