Friday, 18 December 2009

Trip to the Islands

A pow wow with the local leaders of the village
Checking out the dirt. One of the problems is all the termite hills on the land. Not good if you land on one of those and your plane disappears!

Walking the potential site of the airstrip and pegging it. We heard that not long after the team had been there someone had come and uprooted all the peg marks. I guess the wood was too good just to leave in the ground and could be used for something more useful

At the end of September Simon and a team went to a village called Kamese where MAF hopes to have an airstrip built. I have delayed in showing you some of the photos due to lack of time and I only have three at present due to not being able to access the file for some reason in the office. Just another day in Uganda.

The work has been slow going. It has also been hampered due to trying to acquire permissions from different people for authorisation to go ahead. Please pray with us that we will see fruit from this labour.

Also we had our first Strategic team meeting last Monday. Please continue to pray for the team as we go through all the data and come up with a plan for MAF Uganda in the next new year and the years to follow. Pray that God gives us real wisdom as to where we should be focusing our resources and time. There is much need all around us but we can't possibly do it all so pray with us that we might know the mind of Christ for the future of MAF Uganda.