Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Random thoughts from Joshua and Zara

Yesterday Zara and I were driving past the American Embassy in Kampala and she asked me "what is that?" I told her it was the American Embassy which I explained was the place where Americans do business such as get passports renewed etc. She said "...we're not Americans..." and I said that is right. Her reply was "..I'm a MAF Kid.."

The other day I was driving to a friends house to get my haircut. On the way there Zara turned to me and said "...why didn't Jesus have to die twice?.." I explained that Jesus only had to die once and that what He did was enough to pay the price for our sins and save us...she then proceeded to talk about the lovely orange gate that was in front of us so that was the end of that conversation. It makes me wonder sometimes what goes through kids heads :)

I have been reminded a lot recently of the passage in Deuteronomy 6 where it talks about Loving the Lord your God and impressing these things on your children, talking about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road. Maybe I need to add in when you are driving in your car :)

The other day we were sitting down to our evening meal and we usually ask Joshua and Zara to give us an account of their school day. Joshua loves to talk so he always has something to say. He told us that he had learned two new words at school. Of course we said that is great what are they. He said "gravity" and "capacity". We took the conversation a bit further and asked him what do they mean. He then preceded to give us a concise definition for each word. Simon and I just looked at him in amazement and found it quite difficult not to laugh. He had got the definition for both words spot on. The things you learn about your children. I guess his time in school is not being wasted ;)

Friday, 12 June 2009

Zara's 4th birthday at the Zoo

Our little Princess

We enjoyed a birthday celebration in the morning...birthday cake for breakfast....YUM

Watching the rhinos from a safe distance

A very uptight ostrich!

Zara and her friend Kathleen

Always a highlight getting to ride on the donkeys

Two girlies watching the Zebras

One of many monkeys who tried to steal things out our bags......yes they roam free in the Zoo

Two jungle boys