Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Praises and Prayer Requests

Please note some additional Praise and Prayer requests!

Thanks for supporting us in this way.

Thank you and Happy Birthday Zara!

Thanks to all of you who were praying for Zara. She has made a full recovery from the Pneumonia and is back to being her usual self. She even went swimming for the first time yesterday which she was excited about.

We hope to go to Entebbe Zoo on Saturday for Zara's birthday (May 28th). We can't quite believe she is 4 years old already. It has been a fun packed 4 years and we are so blessed to have her.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Zara has Pneumonia

Last Sunday Zara was quite unwell with a high fever and bad cough. We took her to the Doctor where we were told she was very dehydrated. Over the next couple of days, despite drinking lots, we couldn't get her fever to stay down. On Tuesday I took her back to the Doctor and he confirmed a diagnosis of pneumonia. Thankfully with some good antibiotics and cough medicine she is recovering well. She still looks a bit pale (peely wally for the Scots) but her sense of humour has returned and her cheekiness so that is a good sign. We just pray for a full recovery and no further problems.

Monday, 11 May 2009

Busy days..

I was looking at our blog today and realising that its about time I filled you in on what we are up to these days apart from celebrating birthdays and escaping work for a few days :)

Simon has been really busy with flying recently and has spent most of his time flying into Sudan and the Congo. The Sudan days can be long and it seems to be catching up with him at the moment. Thankfully he has a lighter schedule this week thanks to auditors who are visiting the programme. They will be doing two audits on the programme. Simon will be involved in meetings concerning the safety audit side seen as he is Safety Officer. We are hoping for a postive result at the end of the week.

Amongst all of that we are planning our furlough home for this summer. We have been gathering material for our presentations in order to put something together that reflects our lives and work with MAF here in Uganda but also Congo and Sudan.
Thankfully all our speaking engagements are booked and pretty much finalised. We will have a particularly busy time in Scotland as we have committed to speaking at six churches of which 2 are new to us. In addition to this we have personal supporters, family and friends to catch up with all in five weeks. We are sure it is possible. :)

Joshua and Zara are looking forward to all the travelling this summer and are already reminicing about previous times in Scotland and Switzerland. Now that they are a bit older they should remember more about this trip.

We are grateful that the plumbing work and the two new bathrooms to be installed in the MAF Guesthouse should start this week. We pray for good workmanship and that everything will be functional at the end with no leaks or problems.

Since handing over my job as Learning and Development co-ordinator for MAF Uganda to a colleague I have been able to take things at a slower pace. As many of you know I have been doing a counselling course with BTI (Barnabas Training International). I am now over half way to completing the first course. The first 6 modules plus essay were returned with positive feedback so now I hope to complete the final 6 modules before we head for furlough. Well I can always be optimistic.

As well as studying for the counselling course I have also picked up my German lessons again. I hope to put in quite a few hours before we head to Switzerland. I pray that my brain will soak in the information like a sponge. Oh to have the brain of a child that is eager to learn and to absorb.

Last but not least Simon and I have been doing some Bible studies via CD by Chuck Missler. I am in the midst of the Genesis series and Simon has moved onto a study in Ezekiel. The insights we have gained are fasinating and I wish I could share them all with you but there are too many. It is satisfying to know that the more we spend in His word the more we will get to know Him. What better way to spend our time ;) If you are interested you can check out Chuck Missler on the Internet and purchase some of his studies online.

Friday, 8 May 2009

Sunrise over Kampala

The other morning we were awoken early to flashes of lightening and crashes of thunder and heavy rain. However, once the storm abated and moved away we were able to experience a wonderful sunrise. The photos don't do it justice but thought I would share with you anyway. You just can't beat an African sunrise and sunset!

Birthday Boy!

Zara was all partied out by the time we arrived home!

Zara with two friends, Ivan and Deborah on the trampoline

Normally we take a photo of the beautiful cake before its eaten but unfortunately that didn't happen this year. I won't bore you with the details. Anyway this is a photo of the end of the cake! I managed to find orange food colouring for the icing on the cake. This was the colour that Joshua had chosen for this years cake.

Joshua and his best friend, Anguci, being silly together on the trampoline

We had planned to go to the Zoo for Joshua's 6th birthday but it had rained the previous day and rained on his birthday so we had to have a plan B. Thankfully there is a restaurant in Kampala that has trampolines so this was a good alternative. We had 9 kids with us and thankfully some of the parents came too so we had a good time together.