Sunday, 26 April 2009

Prayer Requests

I have updated our prayer requests on the right side of this page. Thanks for praying!

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Kingfisher, Queen Elizabeth National Park

We had a rainy safari trip this time and came home with a muddy car.

Simon had to get out at the fishing village and put the car in 4WD as we got stuck in the cotton soil. Thankfully between 4WD and differential lock we pulled out of the mud no problem. Unfortunately his sandals and feet paid the price.

A cow and a calf outside a house in the fishing village. Not to far away was the river with hippos bathing in it and men selling fish. Unfortunately getting the car out of the mud was the priority so no pictures of hippos this time.

Difficult to see if this photo as the guide said we couldn't go any closer. A Mother elephant protecting her baby which was wallowing in the mud beside the smaller elephant. The mother elephant was flapping her ears and letting us know of her displeasure at us being so close. We eventually reversed back down the track again and left her in peace.

Joshua and Zara playing the game "Around the World"

Our little Pool Garden Princess

Taking it easy!

Anyone for tea????

Joshua and Zara spent many an hour on this slide

Joshua all set with his water guns

Monday, 20 April 2009

Sunset over Congo

Last week we went away for a few days down to the SW of Uganda. On the last night we experienced a beautiful sunset over the Uganda/Congo border. The colours were amazing and changed so quickly...more pictures to come of our holiday!

Friday, 3 April 2009

Rainbow 2 Kabira 3

Last night was our second football match. It was also our second match against Kabira International school. Unfortunately due to a penalty we lost the game but this time we put up a good fight. Our team played much better this time and it was a joy to play. This time I was playing in the midfield section so I was covering the strikers and the defence. I definately got a work out. It was a fun evening and we look foward to next term where we will be playing a Congolese team and the final match will be against some senior students from Rainbow.

Due to Simon being in Sudan Joshua and Zara came to watch. They had more fun playing with the other little girl who was there and doing somersaults off the other goal posts than watching Mum play football. However he was really disappointed to find out we didn't win. It is difficult to explain to a 5 year old that its the taking part that counts and if you win then its a bonus. He wasn't for buying that argument.

On the way home we stopped for some chips. Joshua and Zara thought this was great as not only did they get to stay up late but also have chips too. We did however get stuck in traffic on the way home and right in the middle of the jam my little 3 year old said "I need the bathroom". If it had been Joshua he would have gone in the spare plastic bottle I had but girls are another challenge. Thankfully we made it through the jam onto a road with a ditch. We stopped and did what most Ugandans do when they need to go..... in the ditch or by the side of the road...not many public toilets here. Thankfully Zara is still at the age where she doesn't mind where she goes......maybe it has something to do with growing up in Africa where when you gotta go you go!