Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Snap shots from the MAF Christmas party

Zara watching the puppets

Joshua and Luuk watching the puppets with much enjoyment

The first at a MAF Christmas party - Line Dancing

We had a great day at the MAF Christmas party last week. Our MAF Puppet Team (Out of the Blue) were a big hit again along with some line dancing. There are rumours that I need to organise a ceidlh for next year....YIKES! Anyone planning on coming over from Scotland to help????

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Tango Charlie

Our Cessna 210, call sign Foxtrot Tango Charlie (FTC) is now back from Bulago island and has a new nose (propeller). Simon flew to the island with one of the other pilots and engineers where they fitted a new propeller. The engineers had completed an engine check to make sure it hadn't been damaged during the prop strike. Thankfully the verdict came back that it was safe to fly back to the mainland but the engine would still need to be sent back to the States for further checks. Simon went armed with his helmet, life jacket and lots of prayer :) He took off and climbed up to 11,000 ft before descending into MAF's Kajjansi airfield. The flight is not long but with climbing to that height, if the engine did quit on him, then we would have enough gliding distance to make it. Thankfully none of the safety precautions were needed and the plane and he arrived safely and all in one piece. Another prayer answered!!!