Monday, 20 October 2008

Barnaby Bear came to visit

Last week Joshua came home from school with Barnaby Bear. This bear is supposed to visit all the homes of the children in "his" classroom. Last week it was Joshua's turn. He was so excited. Barnaby Bear also has a diary which Joshua was supposed to write in and tell of Barnaby Bear's adventures at the Wunderli home. Joshua was also to draw pictures of the things that Barnaby got up to but we decided to take photos instead and then stick the printed photos in his diary just to be a little different. Above are some of the photos we took.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Bunia Evacuation and other news

Last Friday we got a phone call to say that the MAF Congo team were evacuating out of Bunia, East DRC due to rebel activity. We suspected that earlier in the day that this was going to happen but were not sure. Simon had flown into Bunia that afternoon but the situation was still uncertain as to whether a evacuation was necessary. Anyway by early evening we were told that the team were evacuating and had been given permission to fly at night. Simon and one of the other guys went pick them up at Entebbe. We have three people staying with us. One of them is a good friend of ours Sheryl Strietzel. Her and her husband had just returned to Bunia a month ago after the last problems there. Lary and one of the other pilots have remained in Congo to carry on doing the flying. Some of the team plan to return at the end of this week however, Sheryl and the couple will remain in Uganda until maintenance on one of the planes is finished and then will fly in after that. The couple, Caleb and Emily Winter, who are staying with us recently graduated from Moody Aviation. (Caleb did anyway) They were to do their internship in Congo but God had other plans for this time. Hopefully they will be able to continue in a couple of weeks.

Anyway we have a full house again. I didn't think we would have guests until Christmas time when my Mum comes to visit but God had other plans again.

Simon is off to South Africa next week to do his check pilot course. Please pray for him as there has been a lot of pre work aswell as a full program once he gets there. Pray for good weather and that all goes well with the course. Pray for us as we remain at home. Joshua and Zara will be on holiday next week so pray we have a good time together despite Simon being gone. Also that it would work out with all our guests too :)

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

HRH Crown Princess of Denmark

Last week Simon had the privilege of flying the Crown Princess of Denmark around Uganda. This trip was inconjunction with the Danish Refugee Council. The Princess was visiting various places where the Danish Refugee Council work in Northern Uganda. Simon said she enjoyed the time in Uganda and had a wish to return at some point. The photographs above were taken from the MAF Denmark website.

Zara was especially excited as she loves anything to do with Princesses (not sure who she got that from??) she was asking Simon on the phone during the week what the Princess was wearing and if he was bringing her back to our house. It was quite the week for Zara that her Daddy was flying a real live Princesss.