Saturday, 28 June 2008

Bob's Helicopter

A couple of weeks ago we were able to reconnect with a friend of ours who used to work with the MAF Kenya programme. Bob and Jacqui Gillan are now back in the UK but Bob does some contract work with helicopters. Joshua and Zara were given the treat of going down to see Bob's helicopter while he was doing some contract work in Uganda. They enjoyed it a lot especially as Joshua's loves planes and helicopters...good thing seen his dad is a pilot :)

A couple of years ago I was able to fly with Bob in one of the helicopters from MAF's airstrip to Entebbe. Unfortuntely Joshua didn't like the noise so he wouldn't come with me. He stayed on the ground with Simon and watched me fly away. Zara doesn't remember but she was on that flight as I was pregnant with her at the time!! :)

Friday, 20 June 2008


It says in the Book of Romans that we should practice hospitality and God has blessed us with many opportunities the past couple of months. The people that have come through our house recently have been a real encouragement to us and have been a blessing to us. As I mentioned in a previous post my Mum came to visit for a month and the timing was perfect. She was a great help especially after my volleyball accident. Thankfully my foot is doing a lot better and I am comfortable driving now.

After Mum left we had two friends from the UK visit. Both of whom used to be in my home church when I was a child. Hillery, in fact, used to be one of my Bible Class teachers and we reminicsed about all the practical jokes that us kids got up to on her watch. (I am surprised she wanted to stay with us..thankfully my practical joke days are finished) Its a small world and its amazing that we would meet again after all these years in Uganda.

Hillery's main purpose was to come and help with putting a Life of Christ play/drama together. She works wonders with costumes and was asked to come and help this local Uganda church in this particular area.

June's main focus was counselling and she had an amazing time at a course run by the Uganda Counsellling Association at the beginning of the trip and then went to the village with Hillery and helped there. She was also able to counsel some individuals. It was a busy schedule for them but
we had a great time and we look forward to their next trip here and what God is going to do through them.

Our guest room had barely cooled when our next guests arrived. (the day after) A couple from Church who are in between ministries at the moment were needing a place to stay and our guest room was free!! They will probably stay with us for a couple of weeks till they sort some things out. We truly have enjoyed having a full house and Joshua and Zara think it is great. Zara is already asking when we are going to pick up Granny at the airport again!!!

Thursday, 12 June 2008

No more crutches!!!

Thanks to all of you who have prayed for my foot. God has answered prayer. This week I have seen a drastic improvement and I am now able to drive short distances and don't have to worry about having my extra legs with me (crutches). We actually dropped the crutches back off at the clinic when we took Joshua for his final MMR innoculation. So now I am back to using my own feet for walking. Praise the Lord!!!! Thanks also to my Mum for looking after me and the family so well while she was here. She did a great job and the timing of the visit was just perfect.

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Picture update

Joshua and Sam at the trampoline restaurant for Joshua's birthday

Me and my bear cake

Me and my very pink cake

A new friend, Shida, the monkey

His mother was killed by hunters so friends of ours took him in. He is not called Shida for nothing. The name means trouble in Swahili. Our friends came up for supper one night and Shida joined them. Joshua and Zara thought it was great.

One of Zara's first times on a horse

All the fun things we get to do when Granny comes to visit!!! Thanks Granny!!