Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Quick Update

Life is flying by but have a few minutes now to update you on what we have been up to recently.....

Joshua and Zara

They have both started the new semester well.  Zara has adapted to the senior site and is having fun with her friends.  She starts gymnastics this week as an after school club.  I just hope she doesn't ask me to copy some of her moves. :)

Joshua has now moved up to grade 7.  He plays soccer/football twice a week from 3-5pm after school.  He comes home pretty tired and hungry but is enjoying his new coach and the time together with friends.

Homework is not the most fun thing for them to do and they get enough to keep them busy. However, the thoughts of detention for not doing it is a great motivator :)

On Friday's Joshua goes to a Youth Group.  There are two couples leading it who are MAF colleagues.  The kids have a lot of fun and keep their leaders challenged.  I am sure Simon and I put put a few grey hairs on our leaders as kids......no comments needed :)


Simon hasn't been flying a whole lot although did have a couple of flights that were a wee bit challenging.  One of them was a failed alternator which meant he had an overnight upcountry as they (engineer and Simon) ran out of hours to fly home the same day.  Thankfully it was all fixed and had no further problems.

Simon has been involved in helping to set up the new office out at Kajjansi.  This involves putting up signs, fire extinguishers and general handyman duties.  He enjoys those kinds of jobs and good to see the office taking shape and the dust settling a bit for all those who work in it each day.

He also had a bit of a relapse with his back about two weeks ago.  However, it seems to have stabilised again so we are thankful for that.  We continue to pray God does a healing work in him.

He has also started another woodwork project for a family so the woodshop is back open again after a few months of being "closed" due to his back and furlough.  He has such joy when he is in the woodshop or flying in his "office".   He has the perfect job :)


Bible studies are in full swing again.  We are going through Revelation with Beth Moore on Wednesday's and I am teaching through Mark on a Thursday morning.  You can follow the Mark study at our Bible Study blog www.comebythewell.blogspot.com

The Well Ministry Centre started on the 1 September.  On the 2 September we had our first "customers".  A ministry that is helping people who have been trafficked had their board meeting there.  They have other meetings lined up and possible training and so we hope they use the Ministry Centre for them.

We had our first Ladies Bible study there last week with 22 ladies in attendance.  It was fun to have more space and room to expand if the Lord leads it that way.

Each Friday night we have a Youth Group using the facility.  They study God's Word together, have some fun activities and also some riotous games.  Oh to be a youth again :)

In the next couple of months I am hoping to do a partnership with some national ladies in our office and offer a conference or workshop for local people involved in ministry in Uganda.  We hope to have a time to encourage them and to bless them.  Will keep you posted on this.

Along with that we have some others using it off and on for different things.  Simon and I are excited about what God will do through this place in the next year.  We would value your prayers for this venture.

Our Ladies Retreat is in two weeks time.  Pray for all those ladies who will be attending that they will have a time of refreshment and enjoy the time away.  We are excited about what God is going to do that weekend.  Pray for all the final organisational details to come together and that we don't forget anything as there is no Walmart or Tesco next door :)