Thursday, 19 July 2012

This and that....

These past two weeks we had a visit from a friend from Scotland.  I have known Carol for many years and so it was fun to have her come and see our lives in Uganda.  The two weeks went by very quickly as we filled it with different things.  Carol was able to go on a flight with Simon and see a bit of life upcountry. She, very much, enjoyed all the children that flock round the plane on its arrival.  This must have something to do with her being a Primary School teacher :)  I think, in total, they visited 5 different places.  She was pretty tired by the end of the day.

She also got to sit in on the three Bible studies I teach during the week.  It was great to be able to introduce her to so many special people and be involved in the conversations that come up during these times.  One of the Bible studies I teach can be challenging as you never know what questions might come up. They usually are off the subject but we try and deal with them as best we can.  I thought I had escaped this past week but one of the guys came up with the question about the diversity of race and colour and how all that happened from one couple back in the Garden of Eden.  It sure keeps me on my toes.

Our nightguard Moses told us a few months ago that Robinah, his wife, was expecting their 5th child.  The wee baby boy came into the world while Carol was here so we were able to go and visit him a week after he was born.  To describe the setting of where this family live would not do it justice.  We navigated a small stream of sewer water as we wound our way through the one bedroom houses until we finally arrived at Moses house.  He stays with his family in one room which has two beds in it for a family of 7 (although the oldest boy is at boarding school).  We had a good time of fellowship together with them and got to meet the newest member of the family.  Simon and I were given the honour of naming their little boy.  We called him Samuel David.  We named two of their other children also through the years so we feel like we have extended family :)

Carol left early on Tuesday morning to return to Scotland with a lot of memories to share with her family.  I think the biggest challenge is to try and convey what she saw and experienced in words.  Not an each challenge for those who have visited us here.

Our next guests arrive in a weeks time for a few days.  Emma, you might remember, arrived in Uganda at the beginning of June.  She stayed with us for three weeks before moving onto Fort Portal to work with some friends there who are involved in women's ministry and Farming God's Way.  She will come back with Luan (friend of ours whom she worked with in Fort Portal) and stay with us until she returns to the States to start college again.  We pray that her summer experience in Africa has been a rich and enjoyable one.

Two days after Emma leaves I will be heading to Scotland for two weeks with Joshua and Zara.  Unfortunately Simon can't join us because of his flying commitments but we look forward to visiting with family and friends.  The reason for this visit is that we are planning to change the way we do furlough.  For the past 10+ years we have always gone home for two months every two years whereby we spend one month in Scotland and one month in Switzerland.  It proves to be a crazy time for us as we try and see as many people as possible.  Our last furlough wasn't that easy as Joshua struggles with all the change and lack of routine.  To try and accommodate that we will be doing furlough once a year now for a month.  We will start this new schedule next year with a month in Switzerland and then in 2014 we will head to Scotland.  We thought that three years between visits to Scotland might be too much so I will head there in August for a quick trip to help cover this.  We would value your prayers for this time when we are apart from Simon that God would keep us all safe and healthy.  Especially pray for Zara in this time of separation from Daddy.  She doesn't enjoy Simon being away (he has had a few trips away this year already) but hopefully with it being "her" away it will go easier.

Thank you for your continued interest in our lives and for the support you give.  It makes the difference!