Friday, 17 February 2012

School run challenge

A good thing about the dry season is that I don't need to normally worry about getting stuck in mud on the school runs and having to get out and push cars etc.  However, this morning was a bit different.  The road to school is under construction with no real rhyme or reason as to how it is being done.  Everyday you drive it there is always some surprise in how it looks.  Yesterday when I went to pick up the children I wasn't sure I was going to make it with all the mud and piles of dirt but fortunately did.  This morning I thought I would take a back road to school which is narrow but passable.  It seems like a lot of other people thought the same so we sat in a traffic jam for a bit.  The dust was amazing and on the way down one road you couldn't see the car in front it was like a sand storm. (Just waiting for all of us to get coughs and colds now :()

Anyway we finally ran the gauntlet and made it to school in one piece.  I decided to try the main dirt road which is currently under construction to see if it was any easier but alas no.  Further ahead I could see cars spinning in the dirt and lying at funny angles.  A kind gentleman directed me to a "short cut" but I decided, after my car turned sideways in the mud,  to turn around and go the long way round.  On the way up that road I was directed along a narrow entry between two houses passing somebody's washing which wasn't going to look too white by the end, over tree roots and then it got a bit tricky because the turning I wanted was blocked by two cars so I carried on thinking I would find my way out.  Thankfully I did although I ended up where I started on the road where all the cars were stuck in the mud.  On the way there I went through a pot hole which made me lose my stomach like on a roller coaster.  Wasn't quite expecting that!  However, I managed to slide my way through the mud and do the circuit through the ladies washing again and make it home in one piece.  Who said living in Africa isn't fun!  I was hoping to take some photos on the ways but I needed both hands to drive :)

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Off into the wilds of S*uth S*dan while we hold the fort at home

Simon is in S*uth S*dan this week with a team from Aid S*dan.  He left yesterday and will be back on Saturday.  Simon will be flying them to three different places where they have some radio projects.  A technician from the States arrived to help them sort out some connectivity problems that they have been experiencing.  Hopefully he will be able to locate the problem and enable the Chr*stian radio broadcasts to be more reliable as they seek to transform lives within these different communities.  Pray for productive work times and good fellowship together.  Pray also for safety with all the flights.

Tomorrow I start a new series for the Ladies Bible study.  We finished Genesis last week and so we will be doing a topical series on prayer for the next month or so.  Pray with us that each lady that joins will grasp the power of prayer and make it a priority in their lives.  I found the following quote on Facebook today from Moody Theological Seminary and thought it quite appropriate as we begin this study.

‎" The reason God made us in the first place was to fellowship with us. What the human race is really about is that God wanted a people with a will to choose the fellowship with himself. That's really what creation is all about. If a person never fellowships with his creator, then he missed the entire purpose of life completely." -Dr. Jack Hyles

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Update on Summer

Thanks to many of you who have read our blog and been praying for Summer.  She returned to Uganda after spending almost a week in Kenya having tests done. She stayed with us last Thursday night before heading up to Kitgum with a MAF flight on Friday morning.  The first time she came down with the bus and said never again...Praise the Lord for MAF!  I am not biased at all of course. :)

I was going to give you a summary of the last update I have on Summer but I think it would be easier to use her words so here they are....

I want to thank you once again for taking the time to lift my health up in prayer. It has definitely been a test in who I will trust, man or God. While we all understand that doctors are helpful and on many occasions necessary, there are times where they do not have the answers {after all, they are limited in their knowledge in light of an all knowing God}. With that said, we are still without any concrete diagnosis for my current health situation. After extensive testing--endoscopy and colonoscopy and a battery of blood tests it was concluded that I am malnourished--which is obvious to anyone who sees me. But what is causing my body to be unable to digest/absorb nutrients? On my last day in Nairobi I was able to see a British nutrionist that believes that there are a few crucial links. One, the ongoing battle/treatment of tropical diseases that my immune system has a hard time fighting off. And secondly, what they call 'secondary lactase deficiency' which is a result of multiple infestations of giardia and amebas over the years. I have started a lactose free diet which so far seems to have helped immensely with the stomach pain/cramping. I am taking iron due to iron deficiency anemia, calcium, fish oils probiotics and a super food called spurulina. All of this coupled with a high calorie diet and a lot of rest is meant to boost my immune system, replenish good bacteria and get my body out of its malnourished state.

Added to this challenge is that Summer and Zane live in Kitgum and so the much needed "extra" things she needs are not available.  Unfortunately there is no Tesco or equivalent where they wouldn't that be nice on some days :).  However, between people visiting and space on a MAF flight these things can be flown up from Kampala.  Please continue to remember Summer and her family in prayer as they go through this together.  Thanks :)

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

An update on Summer McCourtney

Thank you to all of you who have been praying for our friend Summer.  She is still in Kenya as I write but hopes to fly to Uganda tomorrow so she can be reunited with her family on Friday. She has given an update in her blog which I have copied here.  Please keep praying.

From Summer: Well, some people say no news is good news. I am not sure that I would always agree!

After a colonoscopy/endoscopy, 40 blood tests and an MRI, we are still no closer to a diagnosis (unless you count "severe IBS"). Biopsy results will be ready next week, but the doctor did not sound like she expected anything significant. All the while, I am trying to make sense of living with a chronic undiagnosed condition that loves to rear it's ugly head way too often!

I am going to meet with a nutritionist tomorrow morning--in hopes that I can figure out a solution for my overly thin frame (I believe I now weigh what I did at 13).

Please keep praying if the Lord would so lead you. One woman asked me if I thought this was a spiritual attack--it could be, if I allow it.

I will keep you updated as and when I get more news!  She will stay with us on Thursday night before flying to Pader with MAF on Friday! If all goes according to plan :)