Monday, 14 February 2011

Elections this week

On Friday we have elections here in Kampala. So far it has been peaceful and there have been no cases of riots. This week we are seeing more and more rallies taking place as the time gets closer to people voting. Today we had the opposition leader speaking at a rally round the corner from our house. Apart from being loud and busy things went well as far as we know. Museveni (current President) brought parts of downtown to a standstill today as he went on his campaign trail.

We would value your prayers that the situation would remain peaceful during the voting process and the results would be fair and a correct representation of how people voted. Pray also that the opposition of whoever gets in will accept the decision and not retaliate with violence.

Joshua and Zara have a week off from school starting Wednesday for half term but also an extension added on because of the elections. They are not complaining :)

We have made provision in case things do go pear shaped in stocking up on some supplies and making ourselves aware of the contingency plans that MAF has put in place. We pray we won't need them.

According to some of our Ugandan friends they believe everything will be fine and there will be no problems. That is comforting.

Joshua said the other day "What will happen if the current president doesn't get in again and a bad man gets in instead what country will we go to? Got to love the thoughts of a 7 year old.

Thanks for you continued prayer support for our family and ministry.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Christmas Trip to Kidepo National Park

Landing at Kidepo in "Scotty"

One of the two pick up trucks that we went in for our morning safari. You can see Zara in her pink rain jacket sitting on the cab of the truck....who needs seats :)

Daddy and his little Princess

In search of lions.....

Joshua our junior tracker found some antelope like animals

African vulture

A herd of giraffe which included a baby one....not shown in this photo.

A buffalo with an interesting horn decoration

Our home for two nights.

Bulbul the elephant who hangs around the bandas on occasions. He was on a mission to find some food and had smelled some pineapple. I wasn't about to stand in his way.

This is him finding the kitchen entrance, he drank all the water that was lying out in a bucket as well as trying to get into the kitchen for the pineapple. He also raided the bin and made a lovely mess. Who is going to tell him off? One way to get rid of him is to light a fire which one of the staff members did. He then trundled off.

Joshua and Jalil our two junior trackers!

Some friends invited us to Kidepo National Park just after Christmas. There were 12 adults and 6 children so it was quite the group. It is probably one of our most favourite parks in Uganda because of its remoteness. We had enough people to fill two MAF planes and flew north for just under two hours. The park is situated close to the Sudanese border. We flew over some amazing scenery aswell as seeing some animals in the distance as we came into land. We spent two nights there staying in bandas and enjoyed some game drives in the back of a pick up and some of the group went on a walking safari. The photos, hopefully, will do the story more justice.