Thursday, 19 November 2009

Was it a jumping spider or something else?

Last week I was aware that I had been bitten by something on my back but didn't give it much thought until the itching was driving me mad. Well, once i check it out i realised I had been bitten by something about 12 times (Zara and Joshua confirmed for me as they enjoyed counting all the red marks). I tried different potions to relieve the itching and pain but to no avail so off I went to the doctor yesterday. He confirmed that I had been bitten by something and that they were now infected. I walked out of the clinic with two different creams and a 5 day course of antibiotics. The doctor said I should see an improvement in three days and to come back in five for a check up.

Well jumping spider or not something had an enjoyable time munching on my back. Let us hope its had its fill and won't come back :) Just another day in Africa!

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Strategic Plan

This Friday MAF Uganda is having its Fellowship Day. We usually all get together and have a time of worship, a guest speaker and, of course, fellowship wouldn't be complete without some great food.

This Fellowship day is going to be slightly different in that we are going to be praying through and discussing a strategic plan for this programme. The plan has been dividied into different catergories and staff have been asked to look and research various areas. Some of these divisions are the political situation, environmental, social, geographical, etc. I volunteered to do the Geographical analysis which I have enjoyed looking at as I was covering both Sudan and Uganda. One of the other pilots has taken on Congo for me and our OPS Manager has helped me with some insights into Sudan and Uganda along with looking at the islands in Lake Victoria where there is a great need.

The needs are so great in this part of the world that it can be overwhelming as to where our focus should be. Northern and Southern Sudan will be voting within the next couple of years as to whether they will stay as one country or divide. These situations are never simple and often lead to war. Our window of opportunity could be short lived here. The Ssese Islands in Lake Victoria are also needy in the areas of spirituality, medical, education and the list goes on.

Our prayer is that God would lead us to where we should focus our attention. He knows the beginning from the end and it is so much easier when we walk in the light than stumble around in the darkness. We need to be proactive rather than reactive to the needs that are around us in each of these three countries.

Please pray for us as a team as we seek God on this issue that we would have the mind of Christ and be unified in our decisions.

Class Trip

Rainbow and Banunule children together for a photo shoot

Zara with one of her class mates, Elijah (left) and a new friend from Banunule

Banunule children teaching Rainbow children a new dance

One of the bright smiley faces of Banunule

In October Zara's school class went on a trip to Banunule School. Each year the Reception classes pay a visit to this underprivileged school. The children all mix together to play games or sing songs. Before the trip the classes at Rainbow have a bake sale to raise funds for the school. The money raised buy toys, games, pencils and notebooks for the children there. Above are some of the photos of the outing. Simon's sister, Therese, and I joined in on the trip and took some photos.

Friday, 13 November 2009

The house of the healthy

We are thankful that this week everyone is back to almost full health and strength. Zara and Joshua have got over their stomach issues although we were wondering if Zara was heading for a cold the last two days as she was coughing but nothing serious at least. Simon is doing a lot better and was able to resume flying yesterday. He is still very tired in the evenings but I have been told this is normal after fighting off high fevers over a few days. It is just great to see him returning to normal and so we are thankful for all your prayers for our family.

A longer update will be out soon.......

Friday, 6 November 2009

The house of the sick

We would value your prayers for Simon. He is down with Malaria and not feeling too good at all. I did a second malaria test this morning which confirmed it. He is now on medication and so we hope to see an improvement soon.

Zara was also off part of this week too due to a stomach bug but went back to school yesterday. Joshua is off today complaining of a sore tummy but seems to be alright. As I write he is munching on some bananas so can’t be too bad J