Monday, 25 June 2018

Zara and some new animal friends

Zara has had a couple of horse riding lessons recently, one of her passions.  These are two of the horses in the neighbouring field who are known to be very inquisitive.
The smile on her face says it all

Some days you just need to laugh like a horse!

Joshua the "Apprentice Mechanic"

Joshua is now in Year 10 and this grade requires him to do a work experience.  He managed to secure one at a car maintenance garage not too far from home.  Good for Mum and Dad as he can bike there :)  His first day included assisting the two mechanics in the service of cars.  He came back smelling of engines but had a good experience on his first day so we were happy to hear that.

He reluctantly allowed me to take a photo before he headed off. :)

Monday, 28 May 2018

Joshua, Fire and a Camera

Joshua and his good friend, Levi, were experimenting with fire, steel wool, a whisk and some rope.  The photos below show the results of their creativity.  I think Joshua singed a bit of his hair in the process but they had a lot of fun.

Travelling Again

Since I last updated the blog we have moved house and are finally getting settled.  It is a joy to be in a house that has airflow and where we are not fighting the presence of mould.  We have also emptied all our boxes and feel like we are adjusting to our new "home" in Australia.

As I write Simon is preparing for a trip to PNG.  The plan is for him to get checked out and to be able to help out with training there.  The programme in PNG is changing its fleet to Cessna 208's and with Simon's wealth of experience on the Caravan in Uganda he definitely has a head start.  The plan is for him to head there in June for three weeks to get the ball rolling and then we will see what it means in the long run once he figures out the system and the needs of the programme.  This will be an interesting trip for him as it is many years since he has been to the land of his birth.  I wonder what changes he will observe.  I will be sure to post some photos.

Next week I head out to Arnhem Land again for an HR review with our HR Manager.  There are many meetings planned and so it will be another full on week.  Do please pray for this programme as it is undergoing a lot of change and that is not easy for those that live and work there.  Pray that this trip is beneficial and that there will be some good outcomes.

You can check out the MAF Arnhem Land and MAF PNG programmes at the following sites:-

Thursday, 5 April 2018

Trip to Arnhem Land

Simon and I recently did trips to visit our MAF Arnhem Land programme in the Northern Territories.  It was great to finally visit this place I had heard so much about.  Simon's project was to help out in the Operations Department and to give some insight where required.  Working in a different culture has its unique challenges and so it was interesting for him to get to know what they were in Arnhem Land.  He was able to give some insight from his time in the Uganda programme and give recommendations where necessary.  We will see what happens next.

A week later it was my turn to go up to Arnhem Land.  For me it was in the capacity of HR which is has a broad remit..  It was great to meet many of the families in the programme and get to know them better.  It is quite a multi cultural team and so reminded me a lot of Uganda.  There were folks from the Netherlands, Switzerland, PNG, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, England, India and more.

On Wednesday evening we had a fellowship time.  It was helpful to get to know some of the ladies in a relaxed environment playing a game and worshipping together.  Also good just to laugh and relax for a while.

I also had the privilege of flying out to one of the islands where two MAF families minister in the communities.  The photos below show how beautiful this area is.

Unfortunately, one of the families had experienced a break in and some of their belongings were damaged which are still in the process of being fixed and replaced.  However, it was good that no-one entered the house or threatened the family.

Please pray for those who work amongst our aboriginal communities.   Pray that they would be able to navigate the cultural divide and be able to share the love of Jesus and bring them hope where there is none.
If you can find Nhulumbuy then you found where I stayed for the week. :)

Opposite our MAF base in Gove is a control tower and a plane that have seen better days.  I was told that the control tower was never used but might now be turned into a museum

Not a bad office view.  I could get used to that!

One of our many Airvans that are vital to the operations in Arnhem Land

A few more waiting their turn to go fly

One of the buildings used for operations

Our MAF hangar with the Cessna 208 inside

Flying over the "broccoli"

What a stunning coastline - shame about the crocs

On my way to Elcho Island

The airstrip and community at Elcho Island

Standing guard over the food, mail and other goods going to the MAF families who are ministering in this community

A bit of a traffic jam at Elcho Island

The community at Elcho Island

More stunning views on the way home

Back home in "Gove"

Friday, 9 March 2018

Pray for PNG

As many of you will have read on the news that PNG has suffered a couple of earthquakes in the last week or so devastating many communities and many people have lost their lives.  The following link will give you an idea of how our PNG programme is involved in the relief efforts.

it's raining cats and dogs and more

This past week we have seen an incredible amount of rainfall.  The photos below will give you an idea of what it is like.  It has continued to rain through the night and it is still raining.  Pray for those that have been greatly affected by all the flooding.  Some cars have just been washed away and towns have been cut off.

Outside the office yesterday as the waters continued to rise.  Some of the cars were moved to a bit higher ground.  The water got higher than what is displayed in these photos.  By the time I left the water was up to my knees before I got in the car.

No walk for the dog in the park this evening.  It is more like a lake.

On the way back from school yesterday.  Simon said when he was driving by later that evening and people were out in boats and rubber tyres enjoying the recreational side of it all.

Zara checking out the path we normally use to cross the wee creek.  The path had disappeared further down and no chance of crossing to the other side.

No access this way either...

This morning I was driving back from Cairns and within two hours the bridge was covered and the road closed.  

No grass or road left.  It is just one big river!